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Overcome stress in your next difficult conversation!

This week’s video about overcoming stress is coming from Boston Airport where I had some time to reflect on how many times we are overwhelmed or stressed out at work or in our personal life, often as a result of dealing with difficult conversations. Are you familiar with the concept of 'clearing the cache' on your computer?! Do not fear, this is NOT a tech talk! Me doing a ‘how to’ on tech?!! No! Stay with me though – today is actually all about handling difficult situations! I travel quite [...]

Have you ever failed?!

Hello from Switzerland! Did you know that alot of the valleys here are created by glaciers? When glaciers fall apart they move and create these incredible pathways in a seemingly destructive way. It's called scouring, disrupting the landscape and in doing so they leave incredible valleys! Now in our own lives, be they professional or personal, we have so many of these moments. I like to think of them as glaciers. Once upon a time they were absolutely magnificent, pristine things that we loved and adored. Whether that's a particular role, [...]

You deserve more than the ‘F’ word!

  Bonjour from Paris! Growing up in Australia, Paris always held a romantic allure! The phrase 'Ça va bien' or 'I am fine', 'everything is fine' is a common response when someone asks how you are here. For me, whether in the romance of French or in English this 'F' word -'fine'- is one of the most frustrating words. It feels like such a waste of a word, so bland. I know, I know, it's fairly innocuous if you are talking about the weather... but we use it for everything [...]

Are you a perfectionist?!

 My perfectionism has been absolutely rampant this week! I'm in the process of finalising my speaker show reel and I have been absolutely crippled with every decision being the 'be all and end all' over analysing everything, feeling a level of stress that’s just low enough to sustain but just high enough to be very frustrating not just to me but to my entire team and to my family. Now, I describe myself as a recovering perfectionist because I know I will never not be a perfectionist - it's [...]

Two simple questions to help overcome self-doubt!

If you’ve ever felt there are things holding you back or that you don’t have the experience to excel in your career (I know I did!) then this video is for you! I was invited to join a panel recently at the stunning IOD (Institute of Directors) building in London. As an expert on "rule breaking for women” (who knew?!), they wanted my opinion on how women can step out and stand up both in the workplace and our personal lives. (Guys, don’t tune out, the tools apply to you [...]

Four steps to prepare you for life’s changes

What steps can you take to prepare for the inevitable change in seasons? Watch this video for the four steps to prepare you for life's changes! Change is inevitable. And as Darwin said; it's not the strongest, it's not the most intelligent, it's the ones that can adapt that will survive. Watch now for the four steps to empower you to be better prepared for those inevitable changes in your personal or professional life...  

How to get better at something!

In Boston for a little bit of work and a little bit of play and what better place to film than the Boston Public Library! It’s absolutely magnificent. I filmed in the Children’s Library section and may or may not have been asked if I was indeed there with any children! I was luckily! Fun fact: This was the first library anywhere in the world to allow people to take books out of the library home with them – revolutionary at the time! It's incredible the plethora of information we [...]

Why self-promotion is hard!

How can you start to have better quality conversation about the great stuff that YOU are contributing? Why is it so hard to talk about the good stuff and promote yourself? Whether it’s great feedback from a peer, an incredible client testimonial, or praise from a manager, compliments on the birthday cake we made….why do we cringe at the thought of sharing all the good stuff that people are saying about us? I still struggle with this! I was asked recently to do a 'brand challenge'. Talking about my values [...]

How to succeed without being overwhelmed by pressure

Hello from New York City! This trip, I managed to fit in a couple of days ‘play’ before my week of coaching! Yay! I love this city – the energy is palpable, people walk fast, they talk fast, they live fast! The pressure is high but so are the rewards. In fact - a 15 year old just won over 1 million dollars playing 'Fortnite'. Yup, Fortnite! Imagine the pressure that this kid was under. 40million players over 10 weeks! Ok, so most of us don’t have a million dollars [...]

Why ‘High Definition You’?

I have been getting tons of questions from you all about why we are called High Definition You. Spoiler alert, it’s not about high definition eyebrows! Have you seen my eyebrows?! No! It might have something to do with a TV, a footballer and some blades of grass! But I’ve already said too much! Check out this week’s video to see how the name came to me and what I hope it will mean for you. Your standard channel is totally watchable I’m sure. But, in a noisy world, with so [...]

3 ways to make better decisions

Eeek – making decisions? Chicken or fish, red dress or green, elevator or stairs, change jobs or stay put? From the big to the small decisions, if you had to calculate the number of decisions that you have already made today, what would the number be? 10, 15, 100, 1000. Could you tell me which leg you use first to put on your pants?! Probably not without some thought…yup, you’re thinking about it now, aren’t you?! That's actually one decision, but it’s one your brain locked down in it’s ‘automatic’ system a long time back and you haven't thought about it since (... until now!) Our brains looove to create shortcuts [...]

What are you proud of?

It is ALL about Pride in London at the moment. So this week’s video (below) is all about the idea of being proud. Here, in London, 'Pride' is very much focussed on the LGBTQI community (we have a big festive celebration coming up!). And, funnily enough, one of the programs we deliver at High Definition You is the PRIDE program, which isn’t LGBTQI related at all, it’s actually about creating exceptional Customer Centricity! Interestingly, when we recently rolled the program out in Poland and India, the 300 participants there didn't [...]

How to keep it together when the going gets tough!

15th June was Power of the Smile Day - a whole 24 hours dedicated to the involuntary contraction of the zygomatic major muscle! Smiling is actually an incredibly powerful way of hacking your brain when things get tough. There have been a number of those moments for me recently. Moments where I feel physically sick at what’s just happened, moments where I feel like I have failed not just myself but my team and my family. Given Resilience is a key topic we teach, it was time to practice what I preach! [...]

Press ‘pause’ on your inner critic today!

Did you know that the first day of June was Say Something Nice Day?! When was the last time you said something nice….. to YOURSELF?! That little voice inside our head in there for a primal reason, but sometimes unfortunately, it is more of a critic than a voice of reason. Case in point – picture me, last weekend, it’s my little one's 5th birthday party. And as I am putting the finishing touches on the fondant lego bricks for his two- tiered Ninjago cake (whilst people are arriving!) that little [...]