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Podcast: Clowning Around with The Possibilist (Me!)

A few weeks ago I joined Em Stroud and her Clown Barabra and chatted about my life as The Possibilist. Listen to the Podcast to find out: What is a Possibilist? How can we move from optimism or realism into the way of being the Possibilist? How will being the Possibilist make your life better? How is Barbara (the Clown) [...]

How To Get More Productive At Work

Get more productive, without taking up smoking I’m not a smoker, and I have only ever been a smoker when I have been “playing” during my acting days. It has certainly never been part of my daily ritual or productivity system… What…? Yes, that’s right… I said productivity system. There are two things in particular that smokers have right when [...]

How To Sleep With Peace Of Mind

One tiny habit = peaceful sleep Spring is springing for us here in London and the natural light in our lives is getting bigger, brighter and better. I joined one of my dear friends Lara Cowan from Botanic Shed recently to talk about the effects of natural light on your brain and your sleep. Not getting enough sleep can have [...]

Zoom Problems

Top 4 tips to combat Zoom fatigue Communication Professor Jeremy Bailenson, from the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL), has written the first peer-reviewed article that systematically deconstructs Zoom fatigue from a psychological perspective. (And it fully backs up everything I have been saying on the subject for the last year, so I love him for that!) It's unnatural! Both [...]

Possibilist Meaning

Forget Positivity! I delivered a talk for a team at Imperial College last week which was titled; "Forget Positivity: Stop chasing positivity and avoiding negativity and step in to the curious world of the Possibilist". I can't share the whole thing, but I do want to pass on the opening sentiment, because it's critical to challenge some of the current sentiment [...]

Why Is It Hard To Say No

 The two choices that you have I want to share a crucial idea which will help you to set boundaries and say 'no'. It's a simple one. Ready? You have two choices when someone asked you to do something which takes your precious time away. You can choose YES aaaaaaaaand, you guessed it..... you can choose NO! Ok, so [...]

Advice To Give Your Younger Self

I get asked this all the time... For some reason when I was interviewed recently by the magnificent Lucy Hutchings-Hunt this question made me well up with tears. Have a listen to the whole podcast here if you want to get some free mindset coaching (like Lucy cheekily asked for. Of course it doesn't take much to twist my arm to coach [...]

How Does Procrastination Affect Productivity

Using deliberate procrastination to increase your productivity Working from home means there is so much more to distract you... (Yes, I see all that sock mathcing going on... I see it in my home, I see it in your home!) Here is a simple coaching technique to hack the brain’s procrastination system! It's called deliberate procrastinaion and it [...]

Tips On How To Stop Overthinking

What is Upstream Thinking? Stop Overthinking Forever! Are you an Overthinker?! (Don't overthink your answer!!) Pause, Take a Deep Breath and… … watch my > video on over thinking to learn about upstream thinking and quite possibly completely change your perspective on how you think… forever! If you are ready to make a change, I’d love to catch up with you for [...]

Listen To Yourself

A super simple mind shift (that makes me teary)! When was the last time you said something nice….. to YOURSELF?! That little voice inside our head is there for a primal reason but sometimes, unfortunately, it is more of a critic than a voice of support and encouragement. If your inner voice is giving you a hard time it makes life difficult, it stops [...]

How To Stay Motivated When You Work From Home

Working from home? Is this you? I'm WFH (yes, this is me!) I assume this is you too?! Virtual delivery is so routine now isn't it (how quickly our brains get used to a new normal). Only a couple of virtual work weeks left before the festive break! One of the wonderful clients I'm working with just completed my 6-week virtual [...]

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