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7 Hilariously Effective Questions to Get Your Team Members Connecting in a Hybrid World

We've all been there – back to back calls, formulaic team meetings, transactional 121s, even after work drinks that leave us uninspired. But what if we replaced even just one [...]

It’s Stress Awareness Month… read my thoughts on stress in business in Sovereign Magazine!

Check out all the details on why Stress Awareness Month is a vital time to address stress in all of life’s stages, especially in business, for entrepreneurs & employees alike. [...]

Do you want to know the secret… to beating self doubt, overwhelm and overthinking?

If there's one thing that almost every single one of our clients want and what I was always searching for it's the secret to beating self-doubt, that sense of not being [...]

How To Get More Productive At Work

Get more productive, without taking up smoking I’m not a smoker, and I have only ever been a smoker when I have been “playing” during my acting days. It has [...]

How To Sleep With Peace Of Mind

One tiny habit = peaceful sleep Spring is springing for us here in London and the natural light in our lives is getting bigger, brighter and better. I joined one [...]

Zoom Problems

Top 4 tips to combat Zoom fatigue Communication Professor Jeremy Bailenson, from the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL), has written the first peer-reviewed article that systematically deconstructs Zoom fatigue [...]

Why Is It Hard To Say No

 The two choices that you have I want to share a crucial idea which will help you to set boundaries and say 'no'. It's a simple one. Ready? You [...]


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