A super simple mind shift (that makes me teary)!

When was the last time you said something nice….. to YOURSELF?! That little voice inside our head is there for a primal reason but sometimes, unfortunately, it is more of a critic than a voice of support and encouragement.

If your inner voice is giving you a hard time it makes life difficult, it stops you striving for your dreams, it can make you feel inadequate, uncomfortable and hopeless. In that moment; pause, breathe and ask yourself… Would I talk to a 5-year-old like that?

Listen to the tone of your inner voice. Is it the tone you would use with a child or someone you love dearly? I talked about this important mindset shift on a recent live masterclass.

Watch it here (trust me, it’s 2 minutes you’ll be soooo glad you took for YOU!) Inner Voice Masterclass Extract

My coaching challenge for you this week is: Spend the next 24 hours encouraging yourself. In the same way, you might encourage a 5-year-old!

As always, I want to tell you, I am so grateful to you. Thank you for being part of my day and thank you for being a part of my world. I always look forward to hearing how you’re getting on so do hit reply to get in touch. I’d love to hear how you go with pressing pause on that inner critic.

With gratitude,