Bespoke Coaching, Consulting and Leadership Development

What We Can Do For You and Your Organisation

We are in the business of creating Possiblists™. Not Optimists nor Pessimists nor the seemingly logical Realist, not even the rather convincing Perfectionist.

How We Do It

At High Definition You we pride ourselves on delivering courses and coaching which we would want to attend!

  • Tailored for you, your people and your organisation.
  • Interactive, participative and fun, no boring bits
  • Compelling and inspiring content
  • Expertly researched and designed
  • Outcome driven with tools you will remember and use

Who We Do It For

Using the latest science backed research into human behaviour, we offer bespoke coaching and leadership development programs as well as tailored speaking engagements specifically for:

  • Senior leaders looking to inspire and lead high performing teams with authenticity
  • Female talent wanting to develop their visibility and assertiveness whilst maintaining balance
  • Emerging talent wanting to contribute and progress with more confidence
  • Organisations committed to empowering their people to navigate uncertainty, with ease and without stress
Creating High Performing Leaders with HD Leadership Labs
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Strategic Female Leadership with Executive 1:1 Coaching
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Elevating Emerging Talent with The Possibility Project
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Creating Life Changing Moments with HD Speaking and Consulting
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What We Believe

We believe you can lead from any seat.

We believe, when you understand how your mind works, things change, you have a better experience of life personally and professionally.

We believe when a human has someone on their side, solely focussed on them – on unlocking their infinite potential – that they do better in all areas of their life.

We believe access to such a person shouldn’t be limited to a level, a location or a role in an organisation or indeed the world.

We believe in a world where humans understand how they are designed.

We believe when you understand how something works you can use that something better! We believe the same is true for the human mind.

We believe humans do better with their KPIs, their OKRs, their NPS’s, their EBITs, their employee engagement scores etc… if they focus first on HMMW – how my mind works!

We believe that Possiblists™ are better equipped to innovate, collaborate, communicate, decision make and problem solve.

We believe in putting the human, the whole human at the centre; it’s not Employeecentricity nor Customercentricity, we call it HUMANCENTRICITY.



Levelling Up: Advancing Female Careers Through Coaching Circles

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Case Study: Democratising Coaching – Elevating Emerging Talent

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Case Study: Executive 1:1 Coaching – Strategic Female Leadership

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Case Study: The HD Leadership Lab – Creating High Performing Leaders

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Moving Talent from their Standard Channel to their HD Channel

Your people hold the remote control for their careers, but it’s oh so easy for them to get stuck on the standard channel. Sometimes it can feel as though they have lost the remote control altogether.

Imagine if they could switch to communicating, problem-solving, decision-making, and collaborating in high definition. A career in which they feel confident, empowered, and resilient.

Let us help you create a high definition future for your teams and say goodbye to the standard channel forever.

Allianz IT Leadership

“Building trust and being more effective as a team, ultimately drives performance!” The biggest testament is that our engagement results are back up. Super performance! We have really turned it around. The management team created that sense of unity.

“Before the session I wouldn’t describe them as a team, I would describe them as a team afterwards! A team has the ability to be vulnerable, to challenge, to question. The ability to know that you are there for everybody, you’re not an individual. Collectively working towards the same stuff and sometimes that’s difficult.”

Credit Suisse Coaching Circles

“Women want to progress in their career, they want to make an impact”

Often people don’t get coaching until they get to director or senior leadership levels – we came up with coaching circles to gain access for more people!

“They are still in touch today – they continue to have a framework to coach each other”

“We have seen a really good progression success rate, 80% have been promoted to director already, the others are in the running this year…”

Want more clarity, confidence and impact from your people book a complimentary consulting session with us.


Behaviour change in leaders, within teams AND with clients
Is this all possible with one tool?!

Watch this short video (2mins) to hear how one of our CEO clients, Sarah, saw immediate results with Whole Brain Thinking and the incredible impact it had in deepening one particular client conversation.

Initially skeptical, Sarah not only saw the impact of Whole Brain Thinking in her own leadership style but also in how it permanently changed behaviour within her Leadership Team as well as with their clients.

Leadership, Change and Culture with Whole Brain Thinking

Want to know how Whole Brain Thinking creates change in the way you and your teams:

  • Communicate?
  • Decision Make?
  • Collaborate?
  • Problem Solve?
  • Innovate?

Watch this short video (3mins)  to find out how easy change in behaviour can be when you have a tool that’s scientifically robust yet simple enough to apply immediately.

Find out how YOUR brain is uniquely wired TODAY

It’s sometimes surprising, sometimes affirming, always enlightening when we discover how we’re wired.

It’s also incredibly valuable for 3 reasons:

  1. Creating real change in how we behave as a leader
  2. Interacting more confidently with our leaders, clients and direct reports
  3. Reducing unnecessary stress in both our professional and personal relationships

Curious about what’s going on inside your skull?! Access our zero cost training to discover how you can use your unique wiring better, with immediately applicable tools.

Complimentary Access HERE