How to stay motivated and get more done!

It’s a funny time of year isn’t it! There is so much going on with the start of this and the start of that, but week 2 back at work and it’s hard to stay motivated to get the important (as opposed to the urgent!) things done. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s hard to stay motivated to get anything at all done right now.

As 2021 fires up and you are back in the hotseat (yes, this photo is me in my 2021 hotseat!) know this to be true- there will be moments when you don’t want to do something, where you don’t want to do anything even!!

Now, more than ever, it’s important to recognise that that’s ok.
I had a call with a client recently around the ‘fatigue’ that he and his team are experiencing. The ‘tap’ isn’t being turned off, the work and demands are increasing alongside the changes in the way we’re working. It’s a lot for our brains to process.

We talked a lot about this (unsurprisingly!) in all our High Definition Performance and Productivity programs last year! So today I want to share 3 brain hacks from that program to help you keep your motivation engine running strong.

  1. You are a hybrid car – Will power is not enough. Calendar block time for both busy ‘fuel’ activities and quiet ‘electric’ thinking and regenerating activities (go for a walk, pet your dog, call a friend etc.)
  2. Be accountable to someone – nothing will change unless you are accountable to someone. It can be someone in your household but it’s much better to find a specific, clear and dedicated person in that role. Get yourself an ‘Accountability Buddy’ to join your support team for achieving something that you need to get done.
  3. Ask quality questions – Instead of; ‘Why am I so rubbish, at this?’ or ‘Why isn’t it as fun as it used to be?’ Ask instead… ‘How can I make this more fun?’ or ‘What would help me to become better at this?’
My coaching challenge to you is:
Start a “NOT to do list”. Yup! What are three things you’re not going to do this week?

If you, or your teams, need help with staying productive, motivated and full of energy in 2021. Let’s talk!
And, if no-one else tells you today, let me be the one to tell you – I’m grateful for you. Thank you for continuing to motivate me and thank you for being a part of my world!

With gratitude,