You hold the remote control for your life and career, but it’s oh so easy to get stuck on your standard channel. Sometimes it can feel as though you’ve lost the remote altogether.

Imagine if you could switch to a life in high definition. A life in which you feel confident, empowered and resilient.

Let us help you create your own high definition future and say goodbye to the standard channel forever

We all know what the standard channel feels like:

  • My lack of self-belief is holding me back, even though I know I’m competent

  • I’m struggling to make an impact in my new career

  • I know networking is the fast track to success, but how do I create a network? I don’t even know HOW to network

  • How do I create a personal brand that will enhance the way I’m perceived?

  • As a woman, how do I assert myself in the most powerful way?

  • How do I manage my time effectively so that I can be a better leader?

  • How can I develop resilience and emerge from setbacks stronger and wiser?



We are on a mission to empower 1 billion people with un-shakable confidence to live lives they LOVE!

Stop overthinking and start increasing your impact in 4 easy steps.

Download my free 4 step guide, and start increasing your influence and impact TODAY!

Yes, I want the free worksheet. I also want to receive advice, inspiration and loving, yet firm, motivational tips on how to live my life in High Definition.


High Definition You plays a crucial part in welcoming early careers talent and ensuring they feel what life will be like in the organisation. Taking your first step into the world of work can be daunting, but High Definition You understands how to strike a fantastic balance between development and instilling a sense of adventure for what the future holds.
Katie, EMEA Head of Campus Recruiting, AIG

“Gita is an insightful, curious, collaborative and driven partner who brings energy into every project.  She has consistently received very positive feedback from our employees.  Skilled at working at both junior and senior levels of the organisation, her approach is always tailored to ensure maximum value is provided.  Gita’s personal impact and credibility has been highly regarded in our organisation.”


Elissa Weston, Head of Talent Management, Financial Services/Insurance
Gita brings a wealth of experience, positive energy and humour to her sessions which makes them engaging, interactive and fun. I was particularly impressed by the number of practical tools and methods Gita gave that could be implemented straight away.
Gaurav Verma, VP, Credit Suisse, Chief Risk Office
“The advice and tools she provided us, I am carrying along in my everyday professional and personal life. She is an incredible coach, absolutely engaging and an illumination of positive energy. The advice she gave us regarding our mindset and our “BMW” has been a motto for me since. I am grateful for her positive influence on me.
Dila Khaydarova, AIG, PhD in Economics, Actuarial and Statistical Modelling Analyst

“Gita ran a session at our LSE Power Conference. Her presentation on ‘The Art of Saying No’ was engaging, interactive and inspiring! She gave us tips and techniques to take away as we return to our desk and was empowering while being relatable. She’s a natural on stage and left an impression on all our attendees! Thanks so much for working with us.

Stephanie Cloots, Corporate Relations Manager at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Gita is a serious professional, very prepared and reliable. I had the honor of having her as a coach during my AIG Academy journey started in New York few months ago. She taught me to understand myself, to trust myself and to believe in my human, professional and leader potential. Today I also owe her the awareness that no obstacle can stop me and that my greatest inspirations can be reached with trust, commitment, dedication and teamwork.

Giulia Santori Compagnoni Marefoschi, AIG
I greatly appreciate you for being a firm source of motivation and inspiration!
Last week, my manager informed me that I am awarded with a short term bonus and an increase in my salary. Imagine that! I have only been at my job for seven months and I’m already being awarded for my performance.  I would not have achieved all of this if I didn’t take the lessons you taught me and apply them proactively to my work. Thank you for being so wonderful and amazing
L.N., Associate, Global Insurance Firm


Whether you’re an individual, a team or an organisation, with High Definition You you will be:

  • Engaged – with interactive, dynamic and inspiring content
  • Enlightened – with science-backed research and easy to implement techniques
  • Empowered – to make practical and meaningful impact in your career and life
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