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“I have found Gita to be an insightful, curious, collaborative and driven partner who brings energy into every project she works on.   Gita has consistently received very positive feedback from our employees in her capacity as trainer and lead facilitator.  Her approach with clients is one that is tailored around the client’s needs to ensure maximum value is provided.   Gita is skilled at working at both junior and senior levels of the organisation, and her personal impact and credibility has be highly regarded in our organisation.  Gita demonstrates integrity, confidence and role models our corporate values at all times.”

Elissa Weston, Head of Talent Management, Financial Services/Insurance
“It was a pleasure to attend Gita’s class on resilience and assertiveness given for Credit Suisse.  she managed to customize the experience for every person in the group, I found it absolutely amazing. the training was inspiring, motivating and fun and the people in training bonded too, we organized a series of lunches for people attending this training. Thank you!”
Simona Achim, IT, Credit Suisse
“Gitanjali is incredibly talented. As a direct result of working with Gitanjali, my speaking engagement was successful, and has in turn led to more speaking opportunities. I can’t recommend working with Gita highly enough.”
Sara Nasralla, Director, 1-1 presentation skills coaching client

“I have experienced many goal setting workshops, but Gita exceeded all of them.
She gives Tony Robbins a run for his money.”

Adam Odor, Property Professional