Working from home? Is this you?

I’m WFH (yes, this is me!) I assume this is you too?!

Virtual delivery is so routine now isn’t it (how quickly our brains get used to a new normal). Only a couple of virtual work weeks left before the festive break!

One of the wonderful clients I’m working with just completed my 6-week virtual High Definition Resilience & Emotional Agility chapter (straight after the Performance and Productivity chapter!)

Her name is Julie and she works for an incredible global charity doing incredibly important work.

She shared the following tips via the Headspace App (get on it, if you are not already!) on small steps to help you stay focussed when working from home.

These tiny micro-changes allow your brain to adjust to all the big events and life transitions that have been happening in 2020! This is such an important element of the High Definition Method, so I want to pass on these practical small steps to you too…

If you are working at home and you don’t have a separated office / desk, do these 3 things to help your brain to shift in to work-mode:

  • Face a window or a wall or build a visual barrier (use books…get creative!)
  • Use a headset or earplugs to help with audible distractions
  • Create a “work-mode” space. If you have to work in your kitchen, use a tablecloth or scarf only for when you’re working. Or any physical object so your brain gets a signal that this is now your work space and not your kitchen anymore.

This segments the thinking around your home & office spaces. By making small changes, you’re helping your brain to separate work from rest.

Plus, a bonus 3 more tiny tips from me that make a HUGE difference to your WFH day:

  1. Get dressed for work – yes, have a shower and get out of you pyjamas, whether you are on a video call that day or not!
  2. Walk around the block (with or without earphones) to shift mindset from home to work mode.
  3. Your ‘commute’ time is also important to include in your diary – what did you get to do in that time that you don’t get to do now?

If you want more on staying motivated in this weird and wonderful time, don’t miss my video on One word to give your brain a motivational boost.

And, as always, if no one else tells you today. I am so grateful to you. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day and thank you for being a part of my working from home world.

With gratitude,