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The High Definition You Podcast brings you insights on leadership, teamwork and having a mindset for success!


In Conversation with Christina Lucas

Christina is the Senior Vice President, Global Claims Business Performance at AIG. As a senior executive, insurance industry visionary and award-winning leader.

In this High Definition You Podcast Christina shares her leadership approach with Gitanjali.

In Conversation with Michael Cornacchio

A Chemical Engineer with experience in the areas of risk and hazard analysis, Michael works within teams of multi-disciplinary background and with clients on all sorts of technically complex and problems that require innovative solutions.

In Conversation with Sarah Fuesler

Sarah is now a Team Leader and Senior Underwriter at AIG. Having joined as an Intern in 2013 she has amazing insights to share on; her early career experiences, company culture and her journey to a successful and satisfying career.

In Conversation with Terence Kadlec

Terence Kadlec (Practice Leader – Construction & Defect Group at Envista Forensics) brings you all his top tips on Creating Community!

How do we build a powerful network? Start by thinking of building a community instead!

We are social beings and our brains thrive on that social connection and interaction. We know it to be true but how can we do something about it? (If indeed we agree that building a strong community increases not only our resilience but our bottom line success.)

In Conversation with Bruce Swales

Envista Forensics’ Bruce Swales (Managing Director, Asia-Pacific) gives you all his wisdom on the important facet of creating a High Definition You …. Act with Courage!

Nelson Mandela once said that “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it“. We know it to be true but I say to Mandela, “How do you triumph over fear?”

How do we empower Courage at work, within our projects and our leadership?