One tiny habit = peaceful sleep

Spring is springing for us here in London and the natural light in our lives is getting bigger, brighter and better.

I joined one of my dear friends Lara Cowan from Botanic Shed recently to talk about the effects of natural light on your brain and your sleep.
Not getting enough sleep can have significant side effects:

  1. People with less sleep are able to tolerate less pain.
  2. Going without sleep seems to make people less concerned about losing money.
  3. Sleepier people are more likely to feel separated from their own body and thoughts.
  4. Sleepy people are worse at recognising other people’s emotions.

Watch my discussion with Lara on How to Sleep Better Naturally (7:50min) to find out how one very tiny morning habit can help your brain sleep!

And on this theme of tiny habits making a massive difference, our coaching question this week is:

  • What’s one tiny thing you will do this week to be kinder to yourself?