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How To Say No To People

How to say 'no' without upsetting people Are you a 'people pleaser'? Do you feel like it's important to put others needs first? Does the idea of saying [...]

How To Turn Stress Into An Advantage

Turn nerves into success for your next presentation! This virtual world we are living in is creating all sorts of different experiences for us. We are learning to get more [...]

Boost Motivation

One word to give your brain a motivational boost Watch the video (3mins) to find out what it is! Your brain is always listening and it uses what you put [...]

Zoom Fatigue

The Science of Zoom Fatigue Zoom playdates, Zoom birthdays, Zoom team huddles, back-to-back Zoom meetings all equates to Zoom fatigue! (This sentence was NOT sponsored by Zoom... perhaps you have [...]

How To Stop Being An Over Thinker

Are you an over thinker? Do you leave a meeting or conversation and analyse everything that was said, or everything you could have said or everything they didn't say or [...]

How To Stay Focused And Motivated

Have you ever had an AHA moment? You know that exciting moment when you learn something new, when you suddenly just ‘get it’ and it all makes such sense that you almost [...]

How Can I Make Myself More Confident

One simple tip to make you more confident Controversially one of my missions in the world is to ban "confidence" to embrace something more profound - namely, two other 'C' [...]

Why Multitasking Does Not Work

 Why multi-tasking does not work! I thought I could do it all at once. I thought multi-tasking made me super efficient. I was wrong! Hot on the heels of [...]

Get A Career Coach

This is why you come up with ideas in the shower! Hello from Paris! I just get so much joy from coming to this city. I've just spent two amazing [...]

How Do You Overcome Stress

Overcome stress in your next difficult conversation! This week’s video about overcoming stress is coming from Boston Airport where I had some time to reflect on how many times we [...]

Have You Ever Failed At Anything

Have you ever failed?! Hello from Switzerland! Did you know that alot of the valleys here are created by glaciers? When glaciers fall apart they move and create these incredible pathways [...]

You deserve more than the ‘F’ word!

  Bonjour from Paris! Growing up in Australia, Paris always held a romantic allure! The phrase 'Ça va bien' or 'I am fine', 'everything is fine' is a common response when [...]

Are You A Perfectionist

  Are you a perfectionist?! I am a perfectionist!! My perfectionism has been absolutely rampant this week! I'm in the process of finalising my speaker show reel (see [...]

Overcoming Fear And Self Doubt

Two simple questions to help overcome self-doubt! If you’ve ever felt there are things holding you back or that you don’t have the experience to excel in your career (I [...]

Life Changing Steps

Four steps to prepare you for life's changes I am coming to you from beautiful Stowe, Vermont today.  I’ve spent the last couple of days here with some early career [...]

Best Ways To Get Better At Something

How to get better at something! In Boston for a little bit of work and a little bit of play and what better place to film than the Boston Public [...]

Why self-promotion is hard!

How can you start to have better quality conversation about the great stuff that YOU are contributing? Why is it so hard to talk about the good stuff and promote [...]

Why ‘High Definition You’?

I have been getting tons of questions from you all about why we are called High Definition You. Spoiler alert, it’s not about high definition eyebrows! Have you seen my eyebrows?! [...]

3 ways to make better decisions

Eeek – making decisions? Chicken or fish, red dress or green, elevator or stairs, change jobs or stay put? From the big to the small decisions, if you had to calculate the number [...]

What are you proud of?

It is ALL about Pride in London at the moment. So this week’s video (below) is all about the idea of being proud. Here, in London, 'Pride' is very much [...]

How To Keep It Together

How to keep it together when the going gets tough! 15th June was Power of the Smile Day - a whole 24 hours dedicated to the involuntary contraction of the zygomatic major [...]


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