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Listen To Yourself

A super simple mind shift (that makes me teary)! When was the last time you said something nice….. to YOURSELF?! That little voice inside our head is there for a primal reason but sometimes, unfortunately, it is more of a critic than a voice of support and encouragement. If your inner voice is giving you a hard time it makes life difficult, it stops [...]

How To Stay Motivated When You Work From Home

Working from home? Is this you? I'm WFH (yes, this is me!) I assume this is you too?! Virtual delivery is so routine now isn't it (how quickly our brains get used to a new normal). Only a couple of virtual work weeks left before the festive break! One of the wonderful clients I'm working with just completed my 6-week virtual [...]

High Definition You Podcast: In Conversation with Christina Lucas

 High Definition You Podcast: In Conversation with Christina Lucas (A Collaboration with AIG) Christina is the Senior Vice President, Global Claims Business Performance at AIG. As a senior executive, insurance industry visionary and award-winning leader. In this High Definition You Podcast Christina shares her leadership approach with Gitanjali. Her focus and business specialties are: building and developing global and domestic [...]

How To Turn Stress Into An Advantage

Turn nerves into success for your next presentation! This virtual world we are living in is creating all sorts of different experiences for us. We are learning to get more comfortable with technology and being on camera (I have always loved being on camera but I get it... not everyone does!) This week I am giving you a super simple [...]

Boost Motivation

One word to give your brain a motivational boost Watch the video (3mins) to find out what it is! Your brain is always listening and it uses what you put in to decide what it pays attention to. Give it the liberty to focus on what's important. There is such an incredible amount of big, life-changing things happening in the [...]

Zoom Fatigue

The Science of Zoom Fatigue Zoom playdates, Zoom birthdays, Zoom team huddles, back-to-back Zoom meetings all equates to Zoom fatigue! (This sentence was NOT sponsored by Zoom... perhaps you have a little Skype, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans or HouseParty in there too!?) So, why does this new digital world make you so exhausted? What does it do to your brain? [...]

How To Stop Being An Over Thinker

Are you an over thinker? Do you leave a meeting or conversation and analyse everything that was said, or everything you could have said or everything they didn't say or what you could have responded with etc etc etc...? Maybe, just maybe…you’re an over thinker, like I used to be and you may even be delving in to the realms [...]

How To Stay Focused And Motivated

Have you ever had an AHA moment? You know that exciting moment when you learn something new, when you suddenly just ‘get it’ and it all makes such sense that you almost can’t believe you didn’t see it before? When that answer to that previously incomprehensible problem or concept just ‘comes together’? Researchers at MedUni Vienna’s Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical [...]

How Can I Make Myself More Confident

One simple tip to make you more confident Do you sometimes wish you were just a bit more confident? I get it. I spent many, many, many years with incredibly low self confidence and with so much doubt in my choices. I have spent a lot of time working on that and researching it - I’ve studied neuroscience, the science [...]

Why Multitasking Does Not Work

 Why multi-tasking does not work! I thought I could do it all at once. I thought multi-tasking made me super efficient. I was wrong! Hot on the heels of last week's video on busyness (see: I am on a mission to empower you to get out of the overload and part of that is to get you stop [...]

Get A Career Coach

This is why you come up with ideas in the shower! Hello from Paris! I just get so much joy from coming to this city. I've just spent two amazing days here with my coach, and my coaching group. (Yes, I have a coach. I highly encourage you to get a coach as well!) It was a full couple of [...]

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