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Tips On How To Stop Overthinking

What is Upstream Thinking? Stop Overthinking Forever! Are you an Overthinker?! (Don't overthink your answer!!) Pause, Take a Deep Breath and… … watch my > video on over thinking to learn about [...]

Listen To Yourself

A super simple mind shift (that makes me teary)! When was the last time you said something nice….. to YOURSELF?! That little voice inside our head is there for a [...]

How To Turn Stress Into An Advantage

Turn nerves into success for your next presentation! This virtual world we are living in is creating all sorts of different experiences for us. We are learning to get more [...]

Boost Motivation

One word to give your brain a motivational boost Watch the video (3mins) to find out what it is! Your brain is always listening and it uses what you put [...]

Zoom Fatigue

The Science of Zoom Fatigue Zoom playdates, Zoom birthdays, Zoom team huddles, back-to-back Zoom meetings all equates to Zoom fatigue! (This sentence was NOT sponsored by Zoom... perhaps you have [...]

How To Stop Being An Over Thinker

Are you an over thinker? Do you leave a meeting or conversation and analyse everything that was said, or everything you could have said or everything they didn't say or [...]

How To Stay Focused And Motivated

Have you ever had an AHA moment? You know that exciting moment when you learn something new, when you suddenly just ‘get it’ and it all makes such sense that you almost [...]

How Can I Make Myself More Confident

One simple tip to make you more confident Do you sometimes wish you were just a bit more confident? I get it. I spent many, many, many years with incredibly [...]

Why Multitasking Does Not Work

 Why multi-tasking does not work! I thought I could do it all at once. I thought multi-tasking made me super efficient. I was wrong! Hot on the heels of [...]


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