Get more productive, without taking up smoking

I’m not a smoker, and I have only ever been a smoker when I have been “playing” during my acting days. It has certainly never been part of my daily ritual or productivity system…


Yes, that’s right…

I said productivity system.

There are two things in particular that smokers have right when it comes to productivity. And those things have a specific impact on your brain – yes, it’s neuroscience.

Are you curious to know what they are?

Watch my video on Smokin’ Productivity (3mins) to find out how you can get all the benefits of this productivity system without the health issues.

(Shhhhhh: This is normally a story I share as part of our Performance and Productivity Program but as we kick off the school holidays and time feels like it compacts – I thought you might need it now!)

My coaching question for you is: What is one thing you can do today just for YOU?

Don’t forget; you get to be productive for those around you (for work, for your family etc) AND for yourself!

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