What tree are you in the Celtic Tree Astrology & what does this have to do with Gratitude?

I got an email this week from one of the charities we work with. It had a curious quiz on Celtic Tree Astrology – not a standard corporate quiz but a fun ‘break for the mind’ – I think you’ll like it!
I am an Elder (The Seeker) – it rings so true to me.

If you’re curious, find out what tree you are here > What kind of tree are you?
We love trees so much that we planted one tree, plus a microloan donation, for each one of the 683 early careers participants we worked with last year with one of our favourite clients… AIG (OK, all of our clients are our ‘favourites’! 😄) It’s a critical part of the positive social and environmental impact work we do.
We’re so grateful for the trees around us, giving fresh air and restful green spaces!
And as you know gratitude is a huge part of what we believe in at High Definition You.
In fact, we share our gratitude with clients via a ‘Certificate of Gratitude’ – which multiplies our positive impact as we work towards our BIG mission to positively impact 1 billion possibilists! (Yes, you read that number right, it’s a ‘B’ for BILLION!)
My coaching question to you this week is all about gratitude:
Who can you share your gratitude with this week?
Connecting with a small gift, a personal note or just anything to say, “I am grateful for you…” goes a long way in helping them… and you! Who can you surprise this week with a token of gratitude or kindness that will make them feel special?
If you want to find more things to be grateful for at work or in your life generally, let’s have a virtual coffee chat.
This week, I want to give YOU a Certificate of Gratitude. I’m SO GRATEFUL for you. Thank you for being part of my day and being part of my world!
With gratitude,