The two choices that you have

I want to share a crucial idea which will help you to set boundaries and say ‘no’. It’s a simple one. Ready? You have two choices when someone asked you to do something which takes your precious time away. You can choose YES aaaaaaaaand, you guessed it….. you can choose NO!

Ok, so you knew that answer already I hear you saying!!

If you’re like almost all of my clients you might not yet have the answer to: Why is it sooo hard to say no?!

Want to know one way to hack your brain to make it easier?

Today you get a little something that I normally only share with my clients!

It starts with a magic wand…


My coaching question for you this week is: If I had a magic wand and gave you a 25th hour in the day, what would you spend it on? (it makes sense once you’ve watched the video.)


If you missed my previous video on Why multi-tasking does not work! Then it may be a good time to revisit that one too. The cult of busyness is alive and kicking in 2021!


And, if no-one else tells you today, let me be the one to tell you – I’m grateful for you.  Thank you for watching, and thank you for being a part of my world!