Live the changeI get asked this all the time…

For some reason when I was interviewed recently by the magnificent Lucy Hutchings-Hunt this question made me well up with tears.

Have a listen to the whole podcast here if you want to get some free mindset coaching (like Lucy cheekily asked for. Of course it doesn’t take much to twist my arm to coach someone!).

The question she asked me at the very end that made me well up with tears, that I have been asked so many times before in one way shape or form, and I’m sure you have as well was….

What advice would you give to your younger self Gita or indeed to your 4 y.o daughter?

Listen to the podcast (53:02mins) to find out my answer/s (Or just read ahead if you need to know right now!).

We also discussed that dreaded C-word… not that one, my Mother taught me not to swear! (Ok, sometimes I might swear but never ‘that’ word!). No, it’s the other C word…if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know what it is! The power of the B.M.W technique in the corporate workplace, and how unstoppable you become when you embrace the Possibility Mindset – while always coming back to the greatest piece of equipment we own: our brain!

If you just can’t wait to hear, then this was (briefly and without the tears!) my answer to her question:

  • Gratitude will save you when you feel everything is out of control.
  • Perfectionism is a myth – don’t become a slave to it.
  • Everything is possible. Quieten your mind and listen to your inner wisdom for you to create in this world as nobody else will.

My coaching question for you this week is…. of course, you guessed it:
What advice would you give to your younger self… or your little one if you’re a parent?

It’s a powerful question if you give yourself a moment to answer but not too long, what comes first into your mind?  I’d love to know (hit REPLY I do read all the REPLYs) what your wisdom would love to get in a time machine and share. Of course the beauty is then to find ways of living that ‘advice’ today (unless you have invented that time machine. In which case, please do hit REPLY and let’s chat more!!)

Make sure to have a listen and pass it on – how your thoughts shape reality is a fascinating topic that is sure to get you thinking!

And, if no-one else tells you today, let me be the one to tell you – I’m grateful for you. Thank you for being part of my podcasting, and thank you for being a part of my world!