Hey there, Gitanjali here, Chief Possiblist™. Today, we’re going into the ‘kitchen of your life’ on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, with a concept that might just change the way you approach your life.

If you’ve ever found yourself holding back from taking what feels like a leap:

  • Saying yes to doing a presentation?
  • Putting your hand up for a promotion?
  • Even the liberating act of saying no to someone?

Then this one’s for you!

We’re going to explore the incredible wisdom of brownies and how you can start sharing your unique recipe with the world.

The Possiblist™ Approach:

First things first, what’s a Possiblist™? Well, it’s someone who believes in the power of possibilities over positivity, who creates big big dreams AND takes small actions no matter the size of the challenge. A Possiblist™ is someone who doesn’t merely seek to survive but thrives and in doing so very often inspires others to do the same.

Possiblist™: Powered by Curiosity, Courage and Conscious Choice

Today, I’m here to encourage you to become a Possiblist™ with a specific coaching experiment: The Wisdom of Brownies!

  1. Uncover Your Unique Recipe:

    Imagine that thing you’ve been holding back from doing is like a batch of your own brownies. Not the sweet treats in your pantry (though I’m a chocoholic myself), not the sum total of your experience, education, childhood etc but the unique, infinite, boundless wisdom you were born with. Your brownie recipe is as special as you are—you are literally 1 in 8 Billion!

  2. The Comparison Trap:

    The trouble is, many of us fall into the comparison trap. We’re in our life’s kitchen, trying to make our brownies look like someone else’s—be it a colleague, a friend, or someone we admire. We think, “I need to be more like them; my brownies aren’t as good.” Such a convincing mindset that can rapidly lead to self-doubt and hesitation.

  1. The Pursuit of Perfection:

    Ah, hello perfection! We’ve studied our supposedly unique brownie recipe more than once; hello strengths and weaknesses exercises, but they are far from perfect and definitely not ready to share. Queue our super power of ‘brownie tweaking’ aka another qualification, piece of advice, rewrite of the application, hoping for the protection of flawless results. The palpable fear of rejection and the unknown keeps us in the ‘kitchen’, overthinking and/or procrastinating. It’s cosy in there where it’s safe isn’t it?!

  2. We can’t get our brownies wrong:

    Now, here’s the game-changer that I only learnt a few short years ago myself, when I discovered how we’re actually designed: take a deep breath, what if you knew and could feel the truth of the fact that you can’t get your brownies wrong. The very act of doing the thing you’ve been holding back from will place your brownies exactly where they belong—in the world. Only by sharing our unique recipe, can we hope to discover how to then make them even more delicious.

  3. Have a Play:

    What if you took this moment as an invitation to experiment, to play with your ‘recipe’ out in the world. To worry less about being ‘your authentic self’ and celebrate instead every time you put a ‘batch out’ and then celebrate your uniqueness and maybe, just maybe embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Your Coaching Experiment: Stop Being Selfish

Yes! You’re being selfish. Yes, you – the least selfish person you know! By keeping our brownies to ourself, continually tinkering with our recipe alone, we’re denying the world something it will never have again—our brownies. Whether it’s delivering a presentation, unapologetically sharing your opinion or going for that promotion, someone in the world beyond your own kitchen (aka overthinking) is going to have the gift of your unique ‘flavour’. Can we predict who or how? No and that’s not your business!

Sharing your brownies is your business!

Here’s where your Possiblist™ superpower of Curiosity is activated. Engage your infinite ability to wonder; who will benefit from the gift of me sharing my brownies?

For example: Ask yourself: In saying yes to the presentation, I wonder who might hear something that will prompt fresh thought for them?

Continue the “I Wonder Game”.

It has infinite possibilities to unlock fresh thought and thereby courageous action: Hello Possiblist™!

The beauty of this game and of sharing your brownies is that we can continue doing it for our entire life. We only get better at understanding our unique recipe by making it and sharing it.

Gift your brownies in the very next moment you get a chance.

I’m off to indulge in an actual brownie because I’ve said the word “brownies” so many times, I’ve made myself hungry. That’s called ‘not so subliminal messaging’ in Pyschology! I apologise if you eat too many brownies now too!

What are you waiting for?! Stop reading, take a deep breath and awaken your Possiblist™Curiosity!

  • Start sharing your brownies with the world.
  • You can’t get it wrong.
  • Embrace your gooey uniqueness.
  • Take them out of the oven and into the world
  • SHARE and watch as your brownies evolve into something extraordinary.

And, as always, I’m grateful for you. Thanks for letting me share my brownies with you today!

With possibility and gratitude,

Ready to become a Possiblist™ and embark on the incredible journey of a lifetime?!

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