Have you ever had an AHA moment?

You know that exciting moment when you learn something new, when you suddenly just ‘get it’ and it all makes such sense that you almost can’t believe you didn’t see it before? When that answer to that previously incomprehensible problem or concept just ‘comes together’?

Researchers at MedUni Vienna’s Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering in Austria joined Goldsmiths University London, in 2018, to investigate the phenomenon. And what they found was that, in the brain that Aha! or Eureka moment brings a rush of excitement and energy stemming from an influx of dopamine into a part of the brain called the nucleus accumbens.

As part of the study, the researchers showed that that dopamine hit was also important in keeping us motivated, producing “curiosity and a willingness to learn.” The lead researcher said; “Our results indicate a close correlation between dopamine, exhilaration, and creativity.”

So, how can you help your brain get that extra dopamine hit to keep you curious, motivated and creative?

When I’m delivering a master-class, be it on; resilience, emotional intelligence, presentations, personal impact or leadership skills… I always ask participants at the end for their aha moment!

You can see a few of their aha moments and their experiences of working with us in this week’s short video (2:50secs) – What’s it like working with High Definition You…

I will continue to share some of their aha moments over the coming months on Insta. If we are not connected follow me here > instagram.com/gitanjali_hdyou or on Facebook > http://facebook.com/highdefinitionyou

If you haven’t been on a program with me and you want to create your own AHA moments, here are 4 experiments to help you find insights and creative solutions to solve life’s tricky problems:

1. Have a break: No matter how crazy the life you lead – take breaks between your busy schedule and find some alone time. Go to an empty space, or (gasp!) leave the office and take a walk. Even better, do a 10min meditation (download the Headspace App if you want some instruction of how to do it!)

2. Look inside, not out: Turn off your phone. Let your mind wander is the trick here. Thomas Edison used to do it and record his wanderings. If you don’t have time to let your mind day dream, then try some strategic mind wandering techniques. Doodling is a good way, just pick up a pencil and start drawing – anything. It will make your mind wander!

3. Think happy!: Sometimes the problem is large and it gives you anxiety. Unfortunately anxiety kills off creativity because your brain shuts down to self-protection mode. Having positive thoughts lets you notice a wider range of information. Do something to lift your spirits. Talk to a loved one, go out somewhere nice, read a fun book or watch a comedy to keep your mind open to possibilities!

4. Use less effort: Great insight often comes when you are actively NOT thinking about what to do! Allow your brain to do what it’s magnificently programmed to do. We talked about this phenomena in a previous video here > This is why you come up with ideas in the shower.

If you are struggling with a problem that you need some help withbook in a free call and let me see how we can help you get your own AHA moments so you can get more of what you want in this one wild, precious life you’re creating.And, as always, if no one else tells you today, I am grateful for you! Thank you for letting me be a part of your day. I challenge you to try one of the experiments above this week. Let me know how you go – reply here or DM me on Insta or LinkedIn. Thank you for being a part of my world.

With gratitude,

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