How to say ‘no’ without upsetting people

Are you a ‘people pleaser’? Do you feel like it’s important to put others needs first? Does the idea of saying ‘No’ to someone fill you with dread and anguish?

It may feel uncomfortable but “No.” is a full sentence.

I get it, sometimes it’s more comforting to say; “No, but…”, “No, ah, perhaps, ah, yes OK” or “Yes, sure, I’m ready to give you everything you need, before you need it!”, but it often doesn’t serve you, or anyone else!

I did an Instagram Live interview recently with the wonderful Ewa of @socialbeautify, a health and beauty consultant, a brand ambassador, and a good friend of mine.

We had an energetic conversation (see the pics above!)

Listen to the full answer here (4min 40secs – a micro-podcast!)

We talked about all sorts of things (we could have talked all day!), but I answered one question about saying ‘no’ that is a consistent mindset shift for many of my clients, so I wanted to share my answer with you this week, on how to say “No” with grace and respect for yourself and others.

Spend this week noticing – are you a people pleaser? When you have a decision to make on how you spend your time (that you will NEVER get back) where do you decide to invest it?