One word to give your brain a motivational boost

Watch the video (3mins) to find out what it is!

Your brain is always listening and it uses what you put in to decide what it pays attention to. Give it the liberty to focus on what’s important.

There is such an incredible amount of big, life-changing things happening in the world right now. It can feel overwhelming and engulfing and confusing.

If you’re like me, it makes you think things like; I should make the most of this time, I should read more, I should say something, I should, should, should, should…. or ‘I must’, ‘I have to’ ‘I need to’.

The language we use has an effect on our magnificent brains. The words we choose can end up stifling our best intentions, leaving us with procrastination, a lack of motivation and rumination. Choosing words can also empower and compel us to act differently.

I want to give you a very simple, practical tool to put in amongst all the bigness that’s going on! It’s a super easy replace of all the shoulds / have tos / musts / need tos with one simple word to give you a motivational boost …