This is why you come up with ideas in the shower!

Hello from Paris! I just get so much joy from coming to this city.

I’ve just spent two amazing days here with my coach, and my coaching group. (Yes, I have a coach. I highly encourage you to get a coach as well!)

It was a full couple of days and I could say that I was busy but I am so entirely sick of that word! So many clients (and friends), when I ask “How are you?”, say “Oh, I’m SUPER busy! There’s SO much going on!”. I’m BUSY somehow translates in our world now to … I’m successful, I’m important, I’m significant.

It’s almost become a badge of honour but the side effects lead me to believe it is in fact a curse of our modern age. The curse of Busyness.

The last two days have been full for me but much of the time has been spent reflecting, taking some time to think and just be. Yes, I was thinking about checking emails, and what does my team need from me and has a client messaged me and who’s posted something cool on Instagram….

But, just taking this time out, and we do this as a group once a quarter, to not only plan ahead but to reflect and to consider.

So, why is it worth setting yourself time just to be? Watch this week’s video (3mins 45sec!) to learn more about the reasons that it’s worth it and how your brain can achieve great things when it has a chance to just be.

After all…we are human-beings, not human-doings!

What I have given myself in the last two days is permission just to be! And reflect. Yes, I’ve got big things I want to do this year (sign up to be the first to hear all about it! > and there is a lot of things I want to DO. But actually this art of being and taking a moment to breathe is crucial to the success of all those things. And it doesn’t have to be 2 days in Paris. It can be 45mins on a Saturday morning in your pyjamas.

And I get it! You’ve got work, commitments, kids, after school things, after hours things and that hot yoga class to do. But where is the space for your magnificent brain to think? Because that glorious brain of yours needs a moment to connect things for you!

For example, maybe you’ve set yourself a goal that you want to get fit this year. In order to succeed you’ll need to find the time to do it i.e. not be so busy with other things. Perhaps you are thinking you should get a personal trainer and go to the gym three times a week? Is it possible you’ve thought that before and not done it, perhaps you have actually set that goal before and never reached it….. Give your brain a chance to come up with some new solutions.

When I am doing work with clients around creativity and innovation, this is something we talk about. How do we give our brain a chance to come up with new ideas?

Einstein said it very wisely;

We can’t solve our problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

There has to be a new way of coming up with an idea. And one way is to give our brain a chance to just relax. This is why you come up with ideas in the shower. Because you are not actually thinking about it! Your brain has a chance to reflect and think.

So whatever it is. Whatever magnificent goal you want to achieve this year, I encourage you to take some time. Please give yourself permission to relax. Just go for a walk or sit with a cup of tea. Relax. Go to Paris for a couple days, if you can of course!!

Obviously talk to other people. Get yourself a coach. But give your brain a chance to break this curse of busyness and see what your brain comes up with when it’s allowed to be.

And, as always, if no one else tells you today, I am grateful for you! Thank you for letting me be a part of your day. I challenge you to just be this week. Let me know how it goes- reply here or DM me on Insta or LinkedIn. Thank you for being a part of my world.

With gratitude,

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