Top 10 Questions from Early Career Talent

Have you ever wanted to know:

1. What are some ways to overcome imposter syndrome?
2. What are some steps I should take to build on my emotional intelligence?
3. How can I ensure the way I want to be perceived is the way I’m actually perceived?
4. What are the best ways to identify someone’s style when working remotely?
5. As we are adjusting to a virtual work environment and facing new challenges, what are your suggestions for staying positive?
6. Do you have any additional tips on how to manage stress and anxiety?
7. How can you get to know a more reserved teammate without feeling like you are interrogating them?
8. Why are we unable to speak up to colleagues and authority and how do we combat that?
9. How did you transition from having to be constantly conscious of your emotional intelligence to having it be so instinctive?
10. How do we respond to constructive criticism and apply it in our role and assignments?

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