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Companies with engaged employees make 2.5 times the revenue and those highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their jobs.

Companies with engaged employees make 2.5 times the revenue and those highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their jobs.


Return on Investment

In my 15 years in the banking industry, ROI was always at the forefront of our decision making. So how does coaching bring a healthy return on investment or, as we say at High Definition – How do you get the best return on intelligence from your people!

Investing in the success of your people increases engagement.

There is a positive relationship between employee engagement and other metrics, including:

  1. Staff retention
  2. Productivity and performance
  3. Client satisfaction (internal and external)
  4. Increased revenues
  5. Innovation
  6. Efficiency
  7. Resilience, well-being and health and safety performance

Considering metric 1 (staff retention). Research suggests that the loss of an employee is approximately equal to their full annual salary, which includes the cost to the business of gaps in staffing, recruitment costs, on-boarding and training costs, time to productivity, additional workload on remaining staff (well-being)  and cost of building networks, understanding business cycles, clients etc.

Considering metric 2 (productivity and performance), there’s a direct relationship between engagement and performance. More engaged workers perform better with greater discretionary effort, and better performance creates more engaged workers. It’s a virtuous circle!

How can you increase engagement?

Research demonstrates that there are a variety of dimensions of working life that lead to employee engagement, these include:

  • Management practices including; coaching, mindfulness interventions or training courses.
  • Personality, for example, self-confidence and resilience
  • Job design, for example, job demands and resources
  • Autonomy or self-determination – being empowered to shape one’s job makes it more meaningful and enjoyable.
  • Organisational climate or culture, for example, psychological safety and the emphasis on service quality.
  • Leadership and management – role models and styles from the ‘top’

You want more engaged, autonomous, confident people who own their growth and development? Invest in them with coaching!

Catrine, Senior Manager, Investment Services

Catrine says; “My company has gone through an enormous amount of growth (25% year on year!) I was in a situation where I had to take on more work and responsibility. My life was extremely frantic! I was overwhelmed physically and mentally. I now have tools to deal with my busy life. Understanding what’s going on in the brain is extremely helpful. I am much more focused. I have grown enormously.”

What’s Included In The Possibility Project

Along with monthly Kaleidoscope Coaching sessions, there is a themed HD Mindset Mastery coaching session on topics such as:

  • How to gain visibility and self promotion without feeling icky!
  • How to get back in control of your time by saying no and setting boundaries
  • How to have difficult conversations with people that aren’t like you
  • How to overcome failure faster
  • How to build trust from behind a computer with clients and colleagues.

Everyone is invited to join in the conversation to ask questions and have them answered live in that session.

A World of Possibilities

We are headquartered in London but with a global coaching practice thanks to our world class HD Coaches delivering the award winning High Definition Coaching experience. We deliver for clients across the globe in New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Cape Town, Tallin, Brussels, Amsterdam and Manila.

HD Kaleidoscope* Coaching

Your “just in time” coaching group meets monthly bringing you shared learning through a diverse coaching circle of like minded people, all working to their Best Possible Outcome.

Each session is recorded for replay.

Mindset Mastery with Gitanjali

Possibility coaching each month with award winning Executive Coach Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour. Rewiring participant mindsets on topics such as Trust, Wellbeing, Visibility and Self Promotion, Sleep, “Imposter Syndrome” and Productivity. Find out more on the program of topic here.

Whole Brain® Thinking Profile

A personalised psychometric profile (Whole Brain® Thinking) brings participants a detailed view into how their brains are wired. Incredible insights benefiting client, colleagues and other stakeholders. Including self-paced video learning. Valued at £595.

Cross Industry Community

A powerful diverse community (learning from the collective wisdom of the group, cross industry!) building stronger networks and greater insights with the Kaleidoscope Coaching Circle as well as the wider Possibility Project participants.

HD Brainery

Access the HD Brainery with; coaching experiments, play sheets, downloadables and real life lessons from leading experts in the fields of; neuroscience, psychology, human behaviour, time management etc. Each monthly topic brings more insights to move participants towards their Best Possible Outcome

1:1 Coaching and Real Time Access

1:1 coaching sessions at the start and end of the Project allows personalised support, tailored specifically to the individuals.

Real time celebration, support and Q&A in between sessions via exclusive Online Chat Group. Bringing participants direct access to the HD Coach and their Kaleidoscope Coaching Circle whenever they need it.

Time Commitment

None of the clients we work with have any “free time”. Finding more time for yourself (and for your work) is one of the major benefits of The Possibility Project coaching program. Many people we work with set this as their Best Possible Outcome (BPO) and are able to achieve that benefit and much more!

The estimated total time commitment is 4 hours a month.

Possibility Project Coaching: What are the results?

Watch the video to find out more about:

What challenges the Possibility Project (formally Inner Circle) helped them navigate?

What surprised them about the group format?

What changed for them?

Invest in coaching for your people

I’m ready to invest in our people, let’s do this!

Amplify your positive social impact

For every 20 of your people that you invest in, we gift 2 seats to our social impact partner’s to amplify their growth and impact in the world through their people.

Throughout 2022, we have been working with:

  • Miss Macaroon: Miss Macaroon reinvest 100% of profits into helping unemployed young people gain skills that help to change their lives. They are on a mission to bake a brighter future!
  • BelEve: A charity who’s mission is to equip girls and young women with the skills, support and confidence to find their voice and make informed choices about their future. Their vision is that all girls and young women are empowered to become leaders of their own world.
  • Grace Chocolates: Is a social enterprise that makes and sells chocolates, handmade by women who have touched the criminal justice system and are choosing to make positive changes in their lives. They receive training and work experience and build transferable skills and a positive learning environment that equips them to build resilience, self-esteem and confidence.

From a HD Possibility Project Social Impact participant:

“I have recognised some bigger issues I need to have a look at which are going to get in the way of achieving my best possible outcome.”


  • What would you say to someone who was considering buying seats for their people?

    From a leadership perspective the ROI can be difficult to measure, but you are investing in your employees or colleagues mental well-being – the benefit will come!

  • What’s the return on investment?

    Sarah gives a CEO’s view of ROI and the value of coaching for employees and the wider organisation.

  • How do you justify investing time in Coaching?

    I now view this coaching as one of my vital life lines. Any time it takes me away from my desk it gives me back 10 fold. It’s worth every bit of time I put in to it.

  • What’s been the coaching return on investment personally and from a business perspective?

    When challenges arise whether with a client, a candidate or a process your need to deal with things rationally and pragmatically. The business get’s the best version of me now – it’s great for our clients!

  • What common challenges were you facing?

    Handling difficult conversations and working through the discomfort to get to the end result. It needs major investment in the corporate world – how to communicate with one another!

  • How do we get results in the Possibility Project group?

    There is such trust within the group! Also, gaining the insights from other people.

  • What’s the benefit of the diverse Possibility Project group?

    It gives a blank canvas to turn up and be me. You leave your badge at the door and can speak freely about what’s going on. You get objective solutions!

  • What surprised you about the Possibility Project?

    The value of being with other people. There’s always value in the conversation. The relevance, despite being from such a diverse group.

  • How do they benefit from the community?

    It is a completely different life to how it was 12 months ago! Having been on this journey with everyone in the Possibility Project has been incredible.

  • What’s changed as a result of coaching?

    I’m much more resilient when dealing with challenges. I’m getting better results at work and at home.

  • Can you share a specific result?

    My Hogan Personality Inventory has changed dramatically!

  • How would you describe the Possibility Project in 3 words or short phrases?

    Very transparent, builds credibility and honesty and gives you focus!

  • Describe the Possibility Project in 3 Words

    Inspiring, trusting and….!

More frequently asked questions and answers here


Jason is an Advertising and Media Director

He says: “The Inner Circle (now Possibility Project) has helped me to be the best version of myself personally AND professionally. I am now able to deal with stress, people, the virtual environment, work my schedule, ace the pay-risers and promotions! My teams are also happier and more fulfilled. And happy sales people sell more!

Find out more about Jason’s experience of Possibility Project Coaching, including: 

  • His challenges as a leader
  • How his team benefited
  • The culture of coaching and the results


Kieran is an Senior Business Adviser at BDO

He says: “”It’s given me a new and different framework for understanding myself… I can feel it changing the way I think about things and the world in general.” “It’s making me more well rounded”.

Find out more about Keiran’s experience of Possibility Project Coaching, including: 

  • The results for him and his organisation
  • What surprised him about the group interaction and
  • His experience of different thinking.

“I don’t always fully agree with what is being said… but I always take value from the difference. The analysis is a really good thing”.

Book a call to discuss how we can empower your people with the mindset, community and accountability to grow and master their careers.


Client Results

High Definition You - Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour - Gold Line Website Element Corporate Training Keynote Speaking Masterclass Coach Training and Development

There are performance outcomes AND learning outcomes from any High Definition coaching program.

Recent tangible results from the Possibility Project include;

  • Promotion to Commercial Director and member of Senior Leadership Team
  • Established successful business case for new team members
  • Singled out by the CEO as a ‘high performer’ 
  • Gained new clients and launched successful new product
  • Gained new senior international role
  • Successfully set boundaries and said ‘no’ to a client without upsetting anyone
  • Implemented a new industry-leading maternity policy
  • Took a week off, went on holiday and didn’t log in to work at all!

Intangible results (what you won’t see!) include;

Uncertain about everything & fearful Courageous and curious
Dampened and struggling with anxiety Certain of myself
Stressed and ruminating Released
Stressed and anxious Free
Cynical Resilient
Lost Focused, determined and curious
Stressed and overwhelmed Calm and focused
Treading water ‘Anything is possible’
Lost Grounded

Interested to see how your people can have a greater impact


Download the Possibility Project Coaching PDF

“I have really enjoyed my Kaleidoscope sessions and the discussions in the breakout rooms. Hearing other peoples experiences, similar experiences to me, or different experiences and how they have dealt with it, has actually been really helpful.

At the beginning the whole Kaleidoscope thing was a bit eeeeaaaahh. But, as you start to get to know one another and people start sharing more, it becomes very beneficial…

To realise that you are not alone in some of the things you experience. We all have things that we don’t cope with well. Things we do well, things we don’t do well. Learning from others has been really good!”

Ilse –  Senior Finance Professional, Global Charity

I had a crisis in confidence. Today I feel resilient. I value my time a lot more. I’ve got the tools.

I am more effective in what I do. I have increased my productivity.

I know that this has worked for me because of the exercises and the practice. It has made me go aaaahhhh! Changing the process, changing the reward structure in my brain.

All the challenges that I think are mine, are actually shared. I found comfort in that. In the Possibility Project there are people who do completely different jobs that had similar challenges. I am not alone!

Have an open mind. Listen and take it all in! Remember that your brain can be retrained.

Munni –  Business Development Manager, Electoral Services Industry

Be inspired by Munni’s full story below

It’s the best money I have ever spent…
I was just lost… my confidence had gone, I didn’t know which direction I was going. I was treading water. I came seeking answers on how I could make heads or tails of what I was doing in life. The biggest barrier for me was time.

Investing in myself, via the High Definition Possibility Project, has been the best decision I have made in recent times!

Having clarity in my mind, not being overwhelmed, really enjoying my job, knowing how to deal with situations and having structure. It’s helps me work. It’s helps me excel. It’s helped in my home life as well!

I am a guy. Seeing is believing. Actually seeing results, actually seeing my patch, my business, my revenue, my pay-cheque increase on the back of it! It felt like I was an athlete being trained.

The best thing you can invest in right now is yourself!”

Jay – Group Head, Digital Marketing Industry


Find out more about Roisin’s journey

I went from lost to grounded. I feel like I am trusting myself more, not being afraid of things I don’t know. Worrying less. I have got everything I need now to do anything I want to do!

Find out more about Tiffany’s journey

I truly feel like the best version of myself at the moment. And it is all as a result of everything that we’ve been doing in the Possibility Project.

Our Founder Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour

Find out more about our Founder Gitanjali

About Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour

Find out more about our Founder Gitanjali

Director, International Clients (Santander)

Kathryn says; “I was overthinking, second guessing, I had anxiety & fear and felt like I needed to look to others for validation. The key things that have changed for me is confidence, knowing who I am as a leader. It is a transformation. It is a wholesale neurological journey.

Director, Executive Search Industry

David says; “I was struggling with direction and time. I was looking for a holistic approach across home and work. I have gone from struggling to purposeful. Things are on my terms now.”

Invest in your people’s wellbeing and change through coaching


Amplify your positive social impact

For every 20 of your people that you invest in, we gift 2 seats to our charity and social enterprise partner’s to amplify their growth and impact in the world through their people.

Business Development Manager

Munni says; “I value my time a lot more. I’ve got the tools. I am more effective in what I do. I have increased my productivity. All the challenges that I think are mine, are actually shared. I found comfort in that. There are people who did completely different jobs that had similar challenges. I am not alone!”

Director, Branding Agency

Fran says; “I was overthinking, second guessing, I had anxiety & fear and felt like I needed to look to others for validation. The key things that have changed for me is confidence, knowing who I am as a leader.

Have questions? Please email my team at inspire@highdefinitionyou.com