Inspirational Speaker Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour’s Impactful Talk at NASDAQ

Renowned inspirational speaker and executive coach Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour recently had the privilege of delivering an awe-inspiring talk for NASDAQ. Amy Stewart, the Lead for Women in NASDAQ, was looking for a speaker to inspire the audience for International Women’s Day for an event in their London office.

This ‘fireside chat’ centred around ‘the Con of Confidence’. It was a remarkable opportunity for Gitanjali to connect with a diverse audience eager to embrace the principles of inspirational leadership, particularly around perceptions of confidence. Here Amy shares her thoughts about the event.

A inspirational Journey

Amy engaged with all the ideas Gitanjali presented during the talk. Her openness to embracing new perspectives and her genuine thirst for personal and professional growth set the stage for an incredible inspirational journey for Amy and her colleagues.

Impact on Work and Personal Life

Amy’s experience went beyond inspiration; it permeated every aspect of her work and personal life, as she said:

So for me personally, it has not only improved my work, it’s also had an impact on my personal life as well.

Reflecting on the talk, Amy kindly shared that Gitanjali was one of the most inspirational speakers she’d heard! She expressed how the simple yet profound insights that Gitanjali shared “we don’t have to believe our thinking” was a life changing turning point for her.

Amy said: “Many benefits came from Gitanjali’s talk, not only for myself but also for my colleagues. I’ve seen a shift in myself in the way that I approach situations, not only with clients but also having meetings internally, and then I’ve also seen that within my colleagues; we are still talking about her talk!

The powerful realisations she had have enabled her to approach situations with renewed clarity, confidence, and a fresh perspective.

In her role at NASDAQ, Amy noticed a significant shift in how she approached client interactions and internal meetings. Armed with the transformative principles shared during the inspirational talk, she noticed enhanced communication skills, more effective decision-making, and an overall improved performance. Remarkably, the positive changes Amy experienced also resonated within her team and throughout the organisation.

Benefits for the Organisation

The impact of Gitanjali’s talk extended far beyond Amy’s personal transformation. The ripple effect permeated other audience members and their teams, fostering a sense of curiosity, and reinforcing a culture of learning, and transformation. The principles of inspirational leadership Gitanjali shared sparked meaningful conversations and inspired individuals at all levels to embrace change. Managers who attended the event embraced these principles, resulting in a noticeable shift in their approach to challenges and their interactions with team members. In fact, Amy went on to say:

I’ve definitely seen a shift, we have managers attend, and I’ve seen a shift in how managers are approaching situations, so it’s the only talk I’ve ever been to where we’ve been able to apply what she’s taught us straight away and we’re continuing to try to apply that every day.

This collective shift contributed to an environment that prioritised continuous learning through application of the inspirational concepts Gitanjali shared.

Key Takeaway

When asked her to reflect on her key insight from the talk, Amy emphasised the profound impact of realising that she didn’t have to believe her thinking:

For me, the main takeaway was you don’t have to believe your thinking, I don’t have to believe everything my brain is saying! I think I use this every day now. It completely blew my mind and it’s something that I use personally and at work as well.

This newfound wisdom became her daily mantra, empowering her to challenge self-limiting beliefs and achieve personal and professional growth. Amy applied this insight with unwavering determination, unlocking her hidden potential and experiencing remarkable transformation both professionally and personally.

Amy’s Description of the Talk

Amy poignantly summarised the talk in three words, describing it as: “absolutely mind-blowing

Gitanjali uses a blend of science-backed research, innovative approaches, and a touch of humour to create an immersive experience for all attendees – a winning formula. The talk left an indelible mark on the audience, stirring deep reflection and igniting a passion for embracing inspirational leadership principles in their personal and professional lives. The audience came away with the tools they needed to become what Gitanjali calls ‘Possiblists’!

Impact on Personal Life

Beyond her professional growth, the impact of this inspirational speaker event also extended into Amy’s personal life. By challenging her own thoughts and beliefs, Amy experienced a profound shift in mindset. From this place she is empowered to communicate more effectively, set healthy boundaries, and embrace a life filled with joy and fulfilment.

A Catalyst for Transformation

Gitanjali’s talk at NASDAQ proved to be a catalyst for transformation, not only for Amy but for others in her world and the organisation. In one short talk, Amy experienced a remarkable personal and professional metamorphosis, manifesting in improved performance, enhanced communication, and a renewed sense of purpose.

The impact of Gitanjali’s talk extended beyond Amy, creating a ripple effect. With a collective shift in mindset and a commitment to continuous growth and learning, managers and employees alike are challenged to apply the principles of inspirational leadership. It is this multi-level approach that creates improved teamwork, enhanced problem-solving, and increased effectiveness.

As an inspirational speaker and executive coach, Gitanjali’s mission remains to empower individuals and organisations to unlock their true potential. Through curiosity, conscious choices, courage, compassion, and consistent self-reflection, she continues to guide individuals towards a life they love and businesses towards sustainable success.

The profound impact of Gitanjali’s talk at NASDAQ serves as a testament to the power of inspirational leadership speakers to inspire change, spark personal and professional growth, and unlock unlimited possibilities. Together, they can create a world where individuals and organisations thrive, making a meaningful impact and reaching new heights of success.

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