Have you ever failed?!

Hello from Switzerland! Did you know that alot of the valleys here are created by glaciers?

When glaciers fall apart they move and create these incredible pathways in a seemingly destructive way. It’s called scouring, disrupting the landscape and in doing so they leave incredible valleys!

Now in our own lives, be they professional or personal, we have so many of these moments. I like to think of them as glaciers. Once upon a time they were absolutely magnificent, pristine things that we loved and adored. Whether that’s a particular role, or a relationship, or an event that we remember.

Now, just as a glacier, when things falls apart we might be tempted to describe those moments as a failure. We spend a lot of our energy trying to keep that thing (our glacier!) together, trying to build it back up, trying to make it what it was. BUT – In doing so, we are missing out on the ability to look ahead and see what that glacier, that failure, as whatever it is is ‘destroyed’, we are missing out on seeing what the opportunity is as a result.

Have you ever failed?! What has been created for us in those moments?

Watch this week’s video (from the train in Switzerland) to discover how to harness the power of your glaciers…

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