Want Gitanjali to speak at your next event?


If you are looking for a High Definition speaker to inform, involve and inspire at your next event, please get in touch.

Gitanjali is passionate about coaching, presenting, and helping people find their a-ha! moments. She engages the audience with inspiring and relatable content, moving people to take action and helping them find the courage to effect real change.

Gitanjali has delivered talks for small lunchtime audiences, dinner events and large auditorium sessions. She has spoken at the London School of Economics, and regularly presents to Fortune 500 companies.

Her enthusiasm for the science and practice of human behaviour and interaction has helped thousands of people make the switch to life in High Definition.

High Definition You - Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour - Coaching Speaking Headshot Corporate Training Keynote Speaking Masterclass Coach Training and Development
High Definition You - Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour - Gita Speaking Corporate Training Keynote Speaking Masterclass Coach Training and Development

Book Gitanjali for a virtual keynote or masterclass sessions on topics such as:

+ Building Trust from behind a computer
+ The Science of Motivation – 10 brain hacks to stay motivated
+ Forget ‘Positivity’: Lead change with ‘Possibility’
+ Resilient leadership – 4 different responses to stress
+ Why Google focus on Psychological Safety
+ Elevating your Visibility & Confidence in a virtual world
+ Giving and receiving (virtual) Feedback effectively
+ Taking ownership of your Career



Having trained professionally as an actor for stage and screen as well as delivering in virtual settings throughout her banking career; Gitanjali is uniquely placed to deliver inspiring content in the virtual environment. 

We know how important it is to make an impact when delivering sessions virtually and bring creativity – that’s what we do best. In fact, we teach others how to do it!


“No change of behavior is ever easy but I found the Masterclass not only profound and a shift change, but also full of practical advise that can be implemented. I have attended management training through my work, but this was a different level – highly recommend.”

Catrine – Recruitment Manager, Asset Management

“I was feeling really overwhelmed and yesterday Gitanjali’s masterclass could not have come at a better time. Forever grateful  It’s shifted something in me. Provided me with simple yet powerful tools. It’s all leading me into a more positive place.”

Kiren, Property Investor/Company Director


“Gita ran a session at our LSE Power Conference. Her presentation on ‘The Art of Saying No’ was engaging, interactive and inspiring! She gave us tips and techniques to take away as we returned to our desk and was empowering while being relatable. She’s a natural on stage and left an impression on all our attendees! Thanks so much for working with us.”

Stephanie Cloots, Corporate Relations Manager, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

“She was engaging, inspiring and entertaining. Participants took something very special away from Gita’s session.”

Jane Eccles, Global Markets Graduate Recruitment Lead, HSBC

“I left full of confidence, Gitanjali has talent to deliver in a purposeful and value add manner.”

Amani Kiflemarian, Global Head of Risk and Control , Credit Suisse

“I have seen Tony Robbins and she gives him a run for his money.”

Adam Odor, Property Investor