“Gita ran a session at our LSE Power Conference. Her presentation on ‘The Art of Saying No’ was engaging, interactive and inspiring! She gave us tips and techniques to take away as we returned to our desk and was empowering while being relatable. She’s a natural on stage and left an impression on all our attendees! Thanks so much for working with us.”

Stephanie Cloots – Corporate Relations Manager, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

“She was engaging, inspiring and entertaining. Participants took something very special away from Gita’s session.”

Jane Eccles – Global Markets Graduate Recruitment Lead, HSBC

“I have found Gitanjali to be an insightful, curious, collaborative and driven partner who brings energy into every project she works on. Gitanjali has consistently received very positive feedback from our employees in her capacity as trainer and lead facilitator.

Her approach with clients is one that is tailored around the client’s needs to ensure maximum value is provided. Gita is skilled at working at both junior and senior levels of the organisation, and her personal impact and credibility has been highly regarded in our organisation. Gita demonstrates integrity, confidence and role models our corporate values at all times.”

Elissa Weston – Head of Talent Management, Financial Services/Insurance

“Gitanjali transformed our leadership team.  We wanted to learn about our team dynamics, about how to become a high performing team.  The scientific exploration of individual personalities built a clear picture of our synergies and potential frustrations as a leadership team. Turning that awareness into action has helped us to grow into a really close, happy and productive team.  This has been reflected in great business performance, as well as a great working environment.

The pinnacle of the day was together formulating our Mission Statement, created jointly by the whole team, which has been a guiding purpose for us ever since.  This was all delivered in a relaxed, fun environment which put everyone at ease and really maximised the effectiveness of the day. Thank you Gita!”

Ted Franks – Partner, WHEB Asset Management

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