Financial Services/Insurance 
Head of Talent Management
Elissa Weston

I have found Gitanjali to be an insightful, curious, collaborative and driven partner who brings energy into every project she works on. Gitanjali has consistently received very positive feedback from our employees in her capacity as trainer and lead facilitator.

Her approach with clients is one that is tailored around the client’s needs to ensure maximum value is provided. Gita is skilled at working at both junior and senior levels of the organisation, and her personal impact and credibility has be highly regarded in our organisation. Gita demonstrates integrity, confidence and role models our corporate values at all times.

London School of Economics (LSE)
Corporate Relations Manager 
Stephanie Cloots

Gitanjali ran a session at our LSE Power Conference. Her presentation on ‘The Art of Saying No’ was engaging, interactive and inspiring! She gave us tips and techniques to take away as we return to our desk and was empowering while being relatable. She’s a natural on stage and left an impression on all our attendees! Thanks so much for working with us.

Finance Analyst
Eric Schmidt

When you leave Gitanjali’s classroom you feel inspired to immediately apply the tools she has given you in your professional and personal life. There is no other class I have taken that had such a positive impact on my development in such a short amount of time.I feel that I now have the tools and the confidence to deliver as a junior member of my organization.

Gita helped empower my message at a conference designed to pitch ideas on how to improve organizational strategy. I have received amazing feedback from my peers and leadership on the delivery of my pitch, and I could not have done it without her. Gita is a true leader by example on how to connect with your audience and motivate thoughts into action.

WHEB Asset Management
Ted Franks

Gitanjali transformed our leadership team.  We wanted to learn about our team dynamics, about how to become a high performing team.  The scientific exploration of individual personalities built a clear picture of our synergies and potential frustrations as a leadership team. Turning that awareness into action has helped us to grow into a really close, happy and productive team.  This has been reflected in great business performance, as well as a great working environment.

The pinnacle of the day was together formulating our Mission Statement, created jointly by the whole team, which has been a guiding purpose for us ever since.  This was all delivered in a relaxed, fun environment which put everyone at ease and really maximised the effectiveness of the day. Thank you Gita!

Senior Accountant
Abbie Hudson

I’ve recently completed a training course focusing on the four different types of brain and how to alter conversations depending on the type of brain. It was extremely interesting & Gitanjali was a fantastic trainer with amazing energy.
I’ve also bought a couple of books she recommended to study further on the topic she’s so passionate about.
I would highly recommend Gitanjali for any training courses.

Médecins Sans Frontières
Data Steward (IT)
Giliam Alberto

Working more effectively doesn’t involve magic formulas, use the ‘tools’ in your ‘tool belt’! During her course, Gitanjali energetically and passionately showed me every tool all of us have at our disposal and how to use them. Really helpful to get piece of mind.

PhD in Economics / Science, Actuarial and Statistical Modelling Audit Analyst
Dila Khaydarova

I had the great pleasure to meet and communicate with Gitanjali during our two week Analyst training program with AIG. The advice and tools she provided us during these two weeks I am carrying along in my everyday professional and personal life. She is an incredible coach, absolutely engaging and illumination of positive energy.

The advice she gave us “BMW” has been a motto for me since then. If you would like to learn more about “BMW”, Gita is definitely the right person to reach out and ask from. I am grateful for her positive influence on me.

Credit Suisse
Simona Achim

It was a pleasure to attend Gitanjali’s class on resilience and assertiveness. The course itself was very interesting and useful and the way she managed to customise the experience for every person in the group, I found it absolutely amazing. Gitanjali managed to pack this session with loads of fun, so the training was inspiring, motivating and fun and the people in training bonded too, we organized a series of lunches for people attending this training. Thank you!

Underwriting Analyst
Joe Berrios

I had the privilege to attend one of Gitanjali’s early career development classes for one week as part of the AIG Insurance Academy. Her passion captivated each and every person in the room for the duration of the week.
She equipped us with so many tools to be successful as we start our careers. Her insight and feedback has made a lasting impression on me on both a professional and personal level.

I cannot thank her enough for pouring into us – her breadth of knowledge is absolutely incredible. If you are looking to take your career to the next level, Gita’s services will prove to be invaluable.

Credit Suisse
VP, Chief Risk Office
Gaurav Verma

Gitanjali brings a wealth of experience, positive energy and humour to her sessions which makes them engaging, interactive and fun. I was particularly impressed by the number of practical tools and methods Gitanjali gave that could be implemented straight away.