Celebrating Becca: Director, Head of Transformation and a new Mother Professional Services

“I was questioning myself and my value. I needed to redefine my purpose. I had resistance in asking for help (it’s not one of my strengths!) The results have been amazing! Understanding how my brain works and how to focus my energy have had a huge impact really quickly. I feel like I’m myself again.”


Gitanjali – High Definition You Coach

Tell me a little bit about what have the results been that you’ve actually seen in terms of our coaching over the last few months?


Amazing results. I am, and really quite quickly too, like, I know we started off the first session and Gita said, Are you open for a miracle to happen and we kind of did weird way kind of focusing on just like with like the mind tricks in terms of understanding how my mind works, and then how I could focus my energy on the things that really matter, made a huge impact really quickly.

I think that I feel like I’m myself again. Now. I think that’s a really important shift. So I think I’ve lost my way and my sense of kind of self and upbringing and being myself in meetings. I think I’d kind of, I almost needed to give myself permission again to do that. And really understand the value that I have.