044 The Possibilist with Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour


“Be more curious than afraid because you’re going to spot the possibilities and that’s going to give you endless amounts of opportunity and abundance and fulfillment.”

Alec Drew – The Business Expert interviews Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour

HeartPowered Interview – Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour


  • Find out why becoming a Possibilist is your magic wand for making your wildest (business) dreams come true
  • How you avoid the BMW mentality to make you shine even brighter than a sun-kissed sports coupé 😉
  • How to ask the right questions to fast-track your path to success
  • How you become a Possibilist to make more money and to touch more lives.

Treat others as they would like to be treated

Gitanjali was featured on SHAPES FOR DOCTORS Podcast


  • Top tips for dealing with stress in others
  • How we can all act in stressful situations – becoming an ‘uber’ version of, if we’re honest, not always our best selves.
  • The social styles model to talk through a simple way of thinking about how we behave and respond to others in our teams and families.
  • How we can change our own behaviour to get the best out of people

How can you set and achieve your goals?

Gitanjali was featured on THE CROWD WITH US Podcast


  • Meditation, Neuroscience and the Ice Man
  • Carving her career in coaching
  • The fundamentals of Goal Setting and your ‘why?’
  • How you create truly sustainable change
  • Power of the mind + courage
  • How do you triumph over fear?
  • Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation
  • Property Investing and understanding your risk appetite
  • A typical day in the life of a coach
  • Productivity hacks
  • Components of a habit

Neuroscience geek and founder of High Definition You

Gitanjali was featured on the NICOLE BREMNER Podcast 


  • Gitanjali’s love affair with human behaviour began at age 6 when she attended her first play. Who, she wondered, couldn’t be fascinated with the inner workings of the human being and how we portray ourselves and how we are perceived?!
  • Understanding what makes humans tick and what forms ‘character’ developed over the decades from a fascination to an occupation.
  • An unexpected passion and current study into applied neuroscience now deeply informs the approach at High Definition You and how she transforms the mindset and ‘confidence’ of her clients.
  • Gitanjali loves inspiring a-ha moments but lives to empower clients to take action.
  • Drawing on her own leadership journey, she brings a compelling combination of creative, commercial and cognitive to the personal and professional development space.
  • Whether giving a keynote speech or working with participants over several days, Gita and her team facilitate change on a deep and sustainable level.
  • Clients report meaningful shifts that unlock not only their individual hidden potential but also boost the company’s effectiveness in a myriad of ways.

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