Leadership Development Method

Leaders are the engine of an organisation, they are role models and set the approach. They are required to be both challenging and respected with a willingness to take risks whilst doing the right thing for the business and their teams.

Leaders need support to be successful. Not getting that support is risky. Risks can include; low staff morale, staff attrition, reputational damage, customer or team motivational issues, loss of time, money and effectiveness.

These risks are the result of issues including:

  • Lack of self awareness / perception issues
  • Inconsistent delivery and lack of confidence
  • Silo’d approach to decision making and problem solving
  • Inability to adapt

Success looks like:

  1. Greater trust internally and externally with the business
  2. Improved relationships with teams, colleagues and clients
  3. More efficient working 
  4. More time, money and respect

The High Definition You leadership coaching program takes your leadership team from Me to We to Us – Individual to Team to Organisational and Stakeholder impact.

We focus on 3 elements: altering mindset, developing behaviour and making change stick! Our High Performance Leadership coaching increases impact with consistency and foundational tools based on the latest research into neuroscience and psychology.

Our organisational coaching programs create powerful, lasting change as a result of participants feeling enriched, entertained & empowered.

How will we do it?

Our powerful High Definition You five stage methodology underpins every coaching journey. Whether your goal is –  more time for yourself / your loved ones, a job that will bring you joy, a business that brings you freedom, a fulfilling relationship or a simply a better system to deal with the habits and frustrations that keep getting in the way of you achieving your goals.

Bespoke, specific and built with you

We know that every leadership group is unique and we work closely with you to establish what you need and tailor the journey to suit. Each cohort has varying levels of experience and knowledge, so we build on that to ensure motivation and momentum whilst creating accountability and consistent results.

Working together to build a bespoke journey which creates sustainable change is a key element of the success of our masterclasses and coaching programs.

The High Definition You coaching method is based
on three powerful pillars…


You have to start with curiosity. It is an essential mindset. To get where you want to be, you have to first want to understand who you are. You have to have a curiosity about why the thing that you want is so important to you. It’s the only way to get it!


You have to have the courage to fail and work through challenges. It is a process, but once you understand that process you’ll recognise where you are and be empowered to self-coach yourself through and always act with courage in your life.


Armed with focus and determination you are ready to take on challenges and succeed. It takes consistency and commitment to achieve your goals, and the coaching community that you choose to surround yourself with will ensure you remain focused.

Meet Gitanjali Trevorrow-Seymour

In our complex, fast-paced lives, we rarely have time to think let alone change. At High Definition You, I create space for you to be heard and time to think, to transform your mindset and behaviour so you get the confidence, clarity and time you need to make the transformations needed to live the life you truly want. 

My powerful High Definition You five stage methodology underpins every coaching journey. Whether your goal is – a job that will bring you joy, a business that brings you freedom, a fulfilling relationship or a simply a better system to deal with the habits and frustrations that keep getting in the way of you achieving greatness.

Truthfully, I’ve been doing what I do since I was six years old, because what I do is observe human beings, ask big questions and listen for what’s not being said.

When I was six, I remember going to a local theatre production on my sister’s birthday, and we were all sitting in the theatre watching this interactive children’s play. In the play, they asked the audience if someone could come down and help them out with whatever the next scene was. I have such a distinct memory of my older sister shaking with fear, shrinking smaller and smaller, hoping that they wouldn’t choose her, and I was literally jumping out of my seat with my hand up begging them to pick me. I just wanted to be a part of something that was being created that was going to affect other people.

Now, I affect other people’s stories in the same way. I’m a part of their story, I’m a catalyst for change in terms of the way that they think and feel, and in turn how that they behave in the world. That’s what I wanted to do as an actress, which was powerful in theatre particularly – as you could feel it when the change happened. 

But now not only do I inspire people, but I get to give people the tools to empower them to be able to change themselves for the better.

I left my 15-year banking career, and for six months, I worked as an FX trader online with two screens on the go at any given time, working in my pajamas. 

A good friend of mine recommended that I should do leadership development and communication skills training. 

She partnered me up with a guy who was doing some training for a major banking company, who are notoriously challenging to work with. I didn’t feel as though I was ready so I had to force myself to be ready. 

If I had stopped after this first session because I felt that my performance wasn’t perfect, then I would have been right back where I started. I committed myself to continually learn from experience and that’s what has made me who I am today as a coach.

From there, I did a little bit more work with him and partnered with a training company, which helped me build my confidence because I was learning from others. I would see the other trainers in the room and take notes on their different approaches. 

It took me six years to be able to see what those around me saw from the beginning. It took this long to officially have confidence and say that I am good at what I do. 

But this wasn’t the first time that I had had low confidence because I did the same in my acting career. I literally turned down work as an actress because I thought that I wasn’t good enough even when I had been asked to come in for a role. I know what it feels like to think that you’re not good enough. It holds you in such a horrible space. 

I had to relearn this lesson because I didn’t know that I was self-sabotaging the first-time. I didn’t understand exactly why I had fallen into this space of not feeling good enough. I didn’t have the language around it, I just didn’t know exactly what it was that I needed to learn. I didn’t know who I was.

Self-awareness requires reflection, which isn’t an easy task if you don’t want to reflect upon who you are because you don’t like who you are. So you don’t want to spend that thinking time, because all you do is have the same thoughts amplified in your head without any further information. 

I went through a period of having low confidence and needing to continue to train with experts before I felt that I was good enough. 

I trained in a psychometric profiling tool which was a game-changer in terms of learning how our brains work, and I also trained as an executive coach. It was when I did that that I felt like I was then truly a coach, as opposed to someone who has been in business that is now sharing some of their expertise.

Listening to other people who were telling me the good stuff – listening to people who saw what I didn’t see at the time

It was a big shift that didn’t happen quickly for me.

You can accelerate that mindset shift quickly when you’re equipped with the right tools and you’re consistent with the work that you do. I don’t want anyone to go through the harrowing process that I had to take to regain my confidence.

I’m more than a coach. I’m also a trainer and a mentor, so I’m able to bring different has to my coaching, and I have a very clear methodology.

I am three things because of my three lives, which mean that I bring forth the creative, the commercial and the cognitive. As an actress, I’m creative and bring creative thought and innovation to the workshops, masterclasses and one on one coaching that I provide. I’ve also managed a multi-million pound PNL in banking – I have a deep insight of the real challenges that people face in their careers that other coaches who haven’t had the same experiences. I’m also a neuroscience nerd. I’m trained in the neuroscience of decision making, trust, connection, change – which is something that I can bring to my work to help you gain a deep understanding of the science behind those critical thought-processes.

My past clients have been corporations including insurance companies and investment banks. 

I now executive coach leaders within corporate business, and entrepreneurs. Anyone from early careers to board-level. My clients are curious, ambitious and have a desire to move forward from where they are currently at in their career.

I don’t coach anyone who sees coaching as a punishment rather than a reward. If you’re not curious about why something is important to you or if you see coaching as more of a punishment for not being in the position that you’d like to be rather than a reward, then my coaching is not for you.

I work best with people who are curious, and are willing to be in a space where they can become vulnerable and out of their comfort zones.

With anyone that I work with – to get them from one side of the river to the other, it is very clear that they have to start with curiosity. They have to start to want to understand who they are. They have to have a curiosity about why the thing that they want on the other side of the river is so important to them.

As a coach, I can be that bridge for you. I will hold you through this process. I will help you realize that you have a community, not just with myself but with those around you who can help you through this process. I can also help you see exactly who and what is holding you back.

To make this work, you will need three things: curiosity, courage, and commitment.

We start with curiosity. I can’t work with you and act as a catalyst for your transformation if that is not established. You also have to have the courage to fail and be committed enough to work through things that may be more challenging for you so that together we can get to the other side. It is a process, but once you understand that process you’ll be able to recognize where you are and be empowered enough to self-coach yourself through to the other side.

Of course, once you get to the other side, this is not the end. There will always be more bridges to cross and milestones that you can and will achieve, through the same process. It will take consistency and commitment that will help you achieve your goals, but the community that you choose to surround yourself with will help you remain focused.

I’m yet to come across someone that I can’t help. Because of the training that I have, I don’t have to have had the same career as you to empower you to get what you want. No matter the career path or business venture that you are undertaking, my methodology remains the same because at its core the same. I will never be the expert on you, whatever field you are in. That is not my job. My job is to illicit the expert from you – which is what I do through my methodology.

The system is a five-step process: Curiosity, Courage, Consistency, Commitment, and Community. The elements included are time for reflection, accountability, coaching intervention, access to a community of like-minded people, and moments of celebration.

You can work with me one of three ways: one month, three months or six months. Please note that transformation isn’t a magic pill. After an initial discussion with one another, we can establish what program length would be best to suit the type of transformation you are about to undertake. In terms of the results, I can’t do the hard work for you. What I can do is help you to get where you want to be. So you can expect to receive the tools necessary to become genuinely empowered and transform yourself into who you want to become.

Absolutely. Once we’ve had a conversation, I’m happy to put you in touch with the right people to help you understand more about my past clients’ experience of working with me and the transformations that they have undertaken since working with me. In the interim, please visit the testimonials section of our website to see what my clients have said about working with me.

How extensive the challenge that you’re facing, how deeply ingrained your belief system that surrounds it is, how committed you are to consistently take action are all will determine the length of turn-around for change.

We will closely work together either virtually, or face to face. Weekly accountability emails, turbo-calls, a kick up the bum in between sessions. Reflection, accountability, face to face, celebration.

The first word that comes to mind is fun because there’s no point having a day in your life where you’re not having fun. It’s also very interactive, ensuring that you can absorb as much as you possibly can from the experience. It will be challenging, because nothing that’s ever been worth achieving wasn’t in some way challenging. It will be therapeutic – but I’m not a therapist. I’m not here to just hold your hand and feed your ego. I’m here to help you transform yourself. It’s forward-thinking, to get you more of what you want in the near-future, and let go of what is truly holding you back by overcoming the obstacles that are in your way, so that you can live your best life possible with gratitude, joy and possibility.

Brilliant! I’m thrilled to hear that. The first step is to schedule a call. If you haven’t yet, please schedule your call with me here.

I am very conscious of creating content that is freely available for people who want to create change in their life. You can view my top tips to receive some of the tools that I provide to my clients to cause positive transformations for free!

I understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed by your day-to-day. What I know to be true is if you feel overwhelmed, you will not take action. So our programs are designed to ensure that you get what you need in the moment as well as the tools in-between to create change.

“Gitanjali transformed our leadership team!

We wanted to learn about our team dynamics, about how to become a high performing team. The scientific exploration of individual personalities built a clear picture of our synergies and potential frustrations as a leadership team. Turning that awareness into action has helped us to grow into a really close, happy and productive team.  This has been reflected in great business performance, as well as a great working environment.”

Edward Franks, Partner, WHEB Asset Management

“Gitanjali brings a wealth of experience, positive energy and humour to her sessions which makes them engaging, interactive and fun.

I was particularly impressed by the number of practical tools and methods Gitanjali gave that could be implemented straight away.”

Investment Bank – VP, Chief Risk Office

“I had a fantastic coaching session with Gitanjali. OMG! We made a lot of discoveries about me as an individual and my business. She doesn’t miss a thing, no matter what tricks your mind plays on itself. 

Sometimes we really need someone to interrupt our negative thought process, stories we tell ourselves and self sabotaging habits. She helped me to reframe it. It really is all about mindset and mind-shift. And we talked about ways in which I could contribute, how to find a balance between work, social media and life. All this in under an hour! She had amazing insights to the self and business all rolled in one. 

Gitanjali, thank you so much, love your energy and passion.  Development in business and life is critical!”

Kiren, Property Investor/Company Director

Want more clarity, confidence and impact in your life?