The Possibility Project – Frequently Asked Questions

Find out directly from The Possibility Project participants about their experiences, as well as the practical aspects of the program.

Great! Thanks for asking. How about yours?
The Possibility Project meets virtually for 90mins twice a month. Each session includes live coaching. There are accountability reminders and bonus learning in between which you can access whenever is convenient for you. You can spend as much or a little time as you want on the self-coaching ‘experiments’ and curated resources throughout the program. (The Possibility Project will help you to create time/get time back for yourself, not take it away!)

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Life is busy and inconsistent at times and things get in the way. We get that! You never have to worry about missing anything as everything will be recorded and shared with you to re-play when it’s the right time for you.

We always give you time off during the holiday periods in December and August (giving you time to rest and relax is a high priority at High Definition You!)

We aim to accommodate your crazy busy life by having coaching sessions scheduled at different times of the day. Kaleidoscopes cover different time zone. Everything is also recorded so if you can’t make a session there is always time, you can catch up!

Some of the benefits that The Possibility Project (formally the HD Inner Circle) participants report are that they can now:

  • Manage feelings of stress and overwhelm
  • Have more time for themselves
  • Navigate personal and professional challenges with more confidence
  • Recover quickly from setbacks and disappointments
  • Access more peace of mind and clarity at work and at home
  • Trust themselves to make wise and conscious choices in your day-to-day life

Discover more from Possibility Project participants:

The benefits to businesses who invest via The Possibility Project are:

  • Quicker decision makers
  • People who trust in their intuition
  • Contributors in team meetings and beyond
  • Stronger relationships and better communication with clients
  • Highly empowered people
  • Extended networks and greater collaborations
  • Higher levels of productivity and wellbeing
  • …And ultimately higher profitability!

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One of the key benefits of The Possibility Project is that you get new perspectives from outside your industry to accelerate your growth.

Discover more from the the experiences The Possibility Project participants:

Kathryn’s business has a strategy focussed on ‘Partnering with their Customers’. Discover how The Possibility Project helped her to strategically align herself to that focus:

Your clients and colleagues are some of the key beneficiaries of your growth in The Possibility Project.

Discover more from The Possibility Project participants:

A full 12 month coaching journey with tailored fortnightly coaching interventions, weekly accountability and a community to support your growth! Including:

  • Live coaching sessions monthly in your Coaching Kaleidoscope
  • An open forum monthly, with award winning coach Gitanjali, looking at specific topic areas for growth and skills development
  • Weekly coaching prompts and accountability, direct to your inbox
  • Personalised psychometric profile (Whole Brain® Thinking) with self-paced video learning – giving you a detailed view into how your brain is wired.
  • Tools, frameworks and best practices specific to your needs shared via High Definition and your coaching community
  • Access to your Possibility Coach in between in a private group chat
  • Bonus resources, exclusive audios and video content
  • A new community from outside of your industry to accelerate your growth
  • And if you join now, you will also get;
    • A bonus program “3 Steps to Get More Time for Yourself”

We want you to unlock the infinite possibilities and find and achieve your best possible outcome! You will take away; confidence, a clear mind, perhaps new clients, a higher salary, a new role, more time with your family, more time for yourself, more satisfaction in your life, less anxiety, a deep and fulfilling knowledge that you are on the right path. Or all of the above! What you take away, is your choice.

We’re actually a bit OCD about spelling,  you must be from the U.S. I’m glad you noticed!

Our founder, Gitanjali, is from Australia and we are based in London, UK, so we usually go with the British spelling… although we can’t say the same about pronunciation! (vitamins, yogurt, data anyone?!)

We run The Possibility Project Kaleidoscope session in various time-zones and welcome all our U.S. friends to enroll.

The live coaching sessions are entirely interactive; however, you can participate as much or as little as is right for you. Some people learn a lot from other people’s experiences and some people really want to explore their specifics. The sessions are scientifically designed to suit how individual brains are wired and ways of learning.

Gitanjali hosts the monthly theme based Mindset Mastery session for every Possibility Project member. You can find out all about the > topics that we will be covering here. You get her wisdom and coaching experience (having just won ‘Best Coach’ at the UK’s Best Business Women’s Awards!) as well as the dedicated time with one of her Possibility Coaching Team within your Coaching Kaleidoscope. You’ll be invited along with everybody else to join in the conversation to ask questions and Gitanjali will answer live in that session.

We call your fortnightly coaching circle (max 12 coachees), a Coaching Kaleidoscope.

Remember when you were a child looking through a Kaleidoscope? If you tilted it slightly a different way, all the pixels changed (colour, shape, light etc). It is a metaphor for High Definition Inner Circle Coaching, giving you the possibility to see things differently and become unstuck from your current view.

Plus, a group of butterflies is collectively a kaleidoscope.

Plus, Kaleidoscope is an exception to the grammatical rule “i” before “e” except after “c” …. and we LOVE exceptions to rules!! That’s what being a Possibilist is all about.

Discover Tiffany’s experience of her Coaching Kaleidoscope group:

Our team of Possibility Coaches are all trained within the High Definition method and are outstanding coaches with significant experience (more than 65 years between them!) They are all qualified coaches with significant experience in both 1:1 coaching and Coaching Circles.

They all bring external, objective, confidential support and challenge to your growth.

We keep the groups small to make sure everyone gets time to unlock their possibilities. There will be no more than 12 people in any Coaching Kaleidoscope. We tailor each Kaleidoscope group with the right balance of coachees to build a strong community of Possiblists.

Discover more on Roisin’s experience of her Coaching Kaleidoscope:

In short. No! The Possibility Project will help you with the clarity, courage and confidence to navigate your career whatever stage you are at. That is EXACTLY what it is designed for.

Possibility Project participants have gained:

  • Promotion to Commercial Director and member of Senior Leadership Team
  • Established successful business case for new team members
  • Singled out by the CEO as a ‘high performer’
  • Gained new clients and launched successful new product
  • Gained new senior international role

Coaching is designed to help and empower you to be successful in your career, no matter what your next step looks like!

While training and mentoring are both about a transfer of knowledge from teacher to student or mentor to mentee, coaching enhances, supports and facilitates you to be actively engaged in their own growth and knowledge.

Discover how a Possibility Project participant defines the difference between coaching and training:

The Possibility Project coaching method focuses on mindset changes that create fundamental shifts in our client’s lives, professionally and personally. Our approach is (w)holistic that is, the whole human is being coached.

Discover what our clients have experienced in their coaching journey:

The next Possibility Project starts on September 2022 and gives you 12 months access.

We are building a coaching movement!

Our mission is to democratise coaching to extend the benefits of the professional coaching experience to all levels of the organisation, not just senior leadership (of course, we LOVE our executive coaching clients too, but understand that not everyone has the means for that level of support). We also believe that with an external, objective coach by your side, you can lead from any seat!

The vision is for everyone in an organisation to have the mindset shifts and develop their leadership skills with access to a professional coach.

(Now that you’ve mentioned it, we may have to review the pricing in 2023!)

Any other questions? Please contact the High Definition You team anytime at