Overcome stress in your next difficult conversation!

This week’s video about overcoming stress is coming from Boston Airport where I had some time to reflect on how many times we are overwhelmed or stressed out at work or in our personal life, often as a result of dealing with difficult conversations.

Are you familiar with the concept of ‘clearing the cache’ on your computer?! Do not fear, this is NOT a tech talk! Me doing a ‘how to’ on tech?!! No! Stay with me though – today is actually all about handling difficult situations!

I travel quite a lot and I don’t know if you’ve ever had this happen but you go in and look at a flight and it’s $150 (insert your relevant currency here!). Then you are umming and ahhhing and you go in 30mins later and suddenly its $200!!! And you think “why did I not book that straight away?!!” and you get just a tiny bit/super frustrated with yourself!

Firstly, it’s not you – it’s the cookies in your browser! Secondly, did you know you can go in and clear your cache which removes all the history/cookies from your browser?! So then, when you go back to look at that flight, the airlines don’t know you’ve already looked at it. Because, that is what the algorithms are doing. They know you’ve looked at it so they put the price up when you go back in to look again….to increase the pressure! Soooooo,

What does this have to do with difficult conversations?

Well, watch this week’s video to learn a simple but powerful tool I developed to help you clear your personal cache…

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